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What Nail Color Is Beautiful?

Published by 2020-09-17

A manicure can make your hands look better, especially for those with fair complexion. The effect of manicure is simply a visual pleasure. Also, girls with defective hands may be able to modify the...

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How Often do You Do Nail Art?

Published by 2020-09-12

Many people want the nails to last for a long time, and the nails they make fall out in two or three weeks. They feel that the skills of the manicurist are not good, so in order to achieve this goa...

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What Is Japanese Manicure?

Published by 2020-09-04

For practitioners, professional nail art not only relies on the skills at the fingertips, but also requires a series of related knowledge behind it, design aesthetics, material principles, biologic...

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Why Must the Nails Be Removed after Finishing the Nail Art?

Published by 2020-08-29

Many girls have the habit of doing nail art but never remove it. They don't understand why the nail salons need to charge for the removal of armor. The most important thing is not cheap, so they ca...

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