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How to Care for Your Hands?

736 2020-09-27

UV Gel Polish China Wholesaler teaches you how to care for your hands.

Hands are not only a symbol of a woman's happiness but also a woman's second face, which needs to be taken care of. In autumn and winter, when the hands are dry and rough, they even peel and crack when they don't agree. It is not easy to have a pair of hands that are as tender as jade.

1. What kind of hands are beautiful?

A pair of hands that are as white as jade, skin like fat, paired with slender fingers, and crystal-like nails decorated with catkins are the most pleasing to the eye.

2. Causes of rough hands

The amount of activity of the hands is huge, and daily life and work are inseparable from one hand. Various housework and labor, coupled with cumbersome tasks, will cause rough hands. Dead skin often occurs in autumn and winter, which makes our hands lose Luster white and tender.

Three, nine strokes tender hands

1. Maintain your nails

Healthy, full, and neat nails are also a beautiful landscape for hands. To trim the nails regularly, the general cycle is 7-10 days. In addition, it is necessary to regularly supplement the nutrition of the nails by applying almond oil or a few drops of Vaseline with vitamin E oil for care. You can insert your hands into a plastic bag and wrap a hot towel on the outside for 15 minutes.

2. Eliminate indecent hair

If it is a girl with relatively strong hair, there will be a lot of black hair on the back of the hand, which is not so white and beautiful. You can use hair removal products to remove the hair.

3. Labor protection

When doing housework, first apply a layer of hand cream, and then wear gloves, preferably the outer layer of rubber, the inner layer of cotton, so that you can isolate some chemical products such as detergents and washing powders from your hands. s damage. If the time is longer, you should take off your gloves every half an hour to let your hands breathe.

4. Old skin retreats

If calluses have grown on your hands, you can use a pumice stone to remove them after soaking in warm water. Remember to give your hands a special exfoliation treatment once a week. Massage your hands with a small amount of scrub for 10-15 minutes to remove dead skin on your hands. Then soak them in warm water with olive oil for 5 minutes, and then dry them. Hand cream.

UV Gel Polish

5. Water replenishment

In the autumn and winter, the hands are dry and lack of water. You can apply some products like thin lotion and cool gel to replenish water. Each time you apply it to your arms and hands, apply more to the joints because the dryness is relatively high. , So it needs more moisture.

6, go out to sunscreen

Bare hands mean that there is no cover from clothes and no physical sun protection. Therefore, if you want to stay white, you must apply sunscreen products every time you go out. When choosing sunscreen products, try to choose ones with higher water solubility, otherwise, every wash will be in vain, because after all, it is impossible to use cleansing oil every time as the face.

7. Regular massage

Use the leisure time of watching TV to do a simple massage. Grasp both sides of the fingers of the other hand with the thumb and index finger of one hand, and gently pull from the base of the finger to the tip of the finger. Do it 2-3 times for each finger, alternating between the left and right hands to help promote blood circulation and prevent hand swelling. Or imitate the action of playing the piano, let your fingers move repeatedly one by one, you can exercise the joints of the hand and strengthen the shape of the hand.

8. Remove prickles

The correct method is to soak your hands in warm water for 10 minutes when washing your face or bathing, press dry with a hot towel, apply dead skin softening emulsion, and then use a special hand exfoliating tool to remove the barbs of the nails. Nail skins grow back. Then use cream to rub around the nails to reduce cracking and peeling.

9. Night care

Before going to bed at night, wash your hands and put on hand cream. If you have hand problems, you can also apply some symptomatic ointment. Then cut off each fingertip of the disposable film glove and put on the cut gloves to sleep. In the next day, you will find that your hands are pale and tender. Note that the purpose of wearing gloves with fingertips cut off is to allow the hands to fully absorb the nutrients of the hand cream, but also to lock the moisture, and at the same time, the hands are breathable.

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