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How Often do You Do Nail Art?

537 2020-09-12

Many people want the nails to last for a long time, and the nails they make fall out in two or three weeks. They feel that the skills of the manicurist are not good, so in order to achieve this goal, the manicurist needs to polish and trim the nail surface, and then apply the nail polish. The good situation is that nail art is kept for one month without peeling or falling off. Is this really good? Before Colorful Gel Polish appeared, people used nail polish products. If you come into contact with it, you know that nail polish will have a very strong odor. It is this odor that will volatilize and produce harmful Substances, all came out later. The main ingredient of Rainbow Color Gel polish is light-curable resin, which is environmentally friendly and harmless.

Colorful Gel Polish

Everyone’s nail growth rate is not exactly the same. Adult nails can grow an average of 1 to 1.4 mm per week, but most people’s nail growth rate will slow down after the age of 30. The nails grow faster in summer and slow in winter. It grows fast and grows slowly at night. In addition, frequent friction will accelerate the growth of nails, so people who are used to right-handed nails grow faster than left-handed nails. And we also need to give nails a certain repair period during the nail art. This period is generally recommended to be about 1-2 weeks. The partners who especially like nail art should do the nail face care frequently, and do the base oil and nutrition before doing the nail art.

Some people like to tear the nail when it drops, especially when it’s just a little bit. We call it “hands owed”. A professional manicurist will tell you that you can use a professional sand strip to polish the hair. That's fine, sometimes we can't help but pick it up. In this case, it is recommended to go to a nail salon for professional removal, which will reduce nail damage.

Under normal circumstances, nail art should be removed when it is maintained for about 2-3 weeks, not as long as possible. Between two manicures, there should be a repair period of about 1 week to help the nails recover health and maintain a good condition.

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