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How to Apply Nail Polish Looks Better?

Published by 2020-04-25

DIY yourself manicure comparison heart plug is not know how to match the color, how to design a special shape, and their own painting is not evenly painted, just a variety of unsatisfactory. If you...

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Nail Knowledge (Part 2)

Published by 2020-04-17

Good habits: 1. Move your hands gently when you wash your hands. Avoid scratching your nails with a bristle brush or scratching hard objects with your nails. This will make your nails fragile, and ...

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Nail knowledge (Part 1)

Published by 2020-04-17

Nail art is a kind of decoration work for nails, also known as nail art design. Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, caring, maintaining, modifying and beautifying nails according to ...

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Common Problems With Nail Polish Glue (Part 2)

Published by 2020-04-07

2. Delamination problem: Delamination, separation occurs between the colored glue layer of the nail polish and the sealing layer on the surface, and air can be seen in the separated part. the reaso...

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