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1 Step or 3 Action Gel-it’s your choice.

Published by 2020-07-23

When we initially introduced our 1-step gel nail polish, it was a revolutionary change in exactly how the polish is applied as well as worn. Instead of spending up to 40 mins using gel nail gloss i...

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Why Does The 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish Not Dry?

Published by 2022-05-09

  When we are in the nail art, we often encounter the situation that the 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish is not baked, the following custom LED Gel China would like to share us something about it. 1. L...

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Does Nail Polish Hurt Nails?

Published by 2020-07-09

1. Is nail polish carcinogenic? Gel Polish is a product familiar to Ms. Aimei. It is an indispensable tool for a manicure. However, many people say that nail polish is unsafe. If you use it frequen...

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Why Does Nail Polish Have Particles?

Published by 2020-07-03

Applying nail polish looks simple, but to make a nail look perfect, you must pay attention to some places, such as the problem of particles in nail polish. So, what are the reasons for nail polish ...

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