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The Essential Knowledge of Winter Hand Care

Published by 2020-10-28

Beautiful and smooth hands benefit from careful care. It is important to choose suitable hand care products, but the correct care method is even more indispensable. So how do you do hand care in wi...

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How to Choose Nail Polish? !

Published by 2020-10-21

Nail polish is characterized by the need for UV/LED light to dry, fast drying speed, beautiful color, with the use of primer and sealing layer, the retention time will be longer, and more wear-resi...

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How to Choose Between Gel, Acrylic or Powdered Nails?

Published by 2020-10-14

Long and gorgeous nails, perfect shape, and long-lasting colors-we all want them, but what is the best way to get the look we want: gel, acrylic, or powder? Today, Gel Polish china Wholesaler will ...

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How to Care for Your Hands?

Published by 2020-09-27

UV Gel Polish China Wholesaler teaches you how to care for your hands. Hands are not only a symbol of a woman's happiness but also a woman's second face, which needs to be taken care of. In autumn ...

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