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Common Problems With Nail Polish Glue (Part 2)

Published by 2020-04-07

2. Delamination problem: Delamination, separation occurs between the colored glue layer of the nail polish and the sealing layer on the surface, and air can be seen in the separated part. the reaso...

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Common Problems With Nail Polish Glue (Part 1)

Published by 2020-04-07

  Gel polish, also known as gel nail polish, is an upgraded product of nail polish that combines the characteristics of phototherapy products. The nail polish market has been popular in the pa...

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The Notification of New Coronavirus Prevention

Published by 2020-03-25

What is a new coronavirus ? Coronaviruses only infect vertebrates and can cause respiratory/digestive/neurological diseases in humans and animals. The virus this time is a new coronavirus strain th...

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Which Is Better, Nail Polish or Nail Polish?

Published by 2020-03-12

1. Colorful gel polish and nail polish are nail products. 2. Another name of nail polish is called nail lacquer, which is a kind of paint that can be directly applied on the nails, and the nails ar...

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