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Do You Know What Types Of Nail Polish?

Published by 2019-12-20

Gel polish china wholesaler introduce to you: Nail polish is different from nail polish. Nail polish only needs to be dried, but nail polish needs a light. Nail polish can be wiped off with nail re...

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Is it safe to use nail polish for nail art?

Published by 2019-12-13

In the United States, annual nail polish sales are close to $ 800 million, and many people have done nail art. However, spending money on nail polish that lasts only a few days is a waste of time a...

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The Characteristics And Application Of Gel Polish

Published by 2019-12-09

We are a purple nail gel polish wholesaler.We have more than 10 years experience in nail care markets and selling more than 100 countries,and also having rich experience in OEM and ODM service. Pa...

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How to distinguish good gel polish?

Published by 2019-12-06

There are so many brands of gel polish on the market, with mixed fish and dragons, it is easy to buy inferior products. Today the gel polish china factory will teach you how to distinguish the qual...

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