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The Notification of New Coronavirus Prevention

Published by 2020-03-25

What is a new coronavirus ? Coronaviruses only infect vertebrates and can cause respiratory/digestive/neurological diseases in humans and animals. The virus this time is a new coronavirus strain th...

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Which Is Better, Nail Polish or Nail Polish?

Published by 2020-03-12

1. Colorful gel polish and nail polish are nail products. 2. Another name of nail polish is called nail lacquer, which is a kind of paint that can be directly applied on the nails, and the nails ar...

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Analysis of the Reasons Why Nail Polish is not Durable

Published by 2020-03-02

Nail polish is different from nail polish. Nail polish has a wider range of applications. A child can use nail polish to apply good-looking nails, but nail polish is different, more professional, a...

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Popularity of Nail Art Knowledge

Published by 2020-02-24

Today, I will popularize the common sense of nails with everyone from a professional perspective. Let’s increase the knowledge together ~ Matte gel polish supplier to share with you: Q: Many girls ...

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