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Common Problems With Nail Polish Glue (Part 1)

655 2020-04-07


Gel polish, also known as gel nail polish, is an upgraded product of nail polish that combines the characteristics of phototherapy products. The nail polish market has been popular in the past two years and its rapid speed.

The birth of nail polish originated from a beautiful wish at the earliest time. When nail polishes are applied by nail shops, customers are most concerned about the drying speed and the retention period. These two problems happen that nail polishes that have been born for more than a hundred years have never been It is guaranteed that when such demand is getting stronger and stronger, High gloss gel polish is born.

The gloss is good, the brightness is high, the curing and drying time is short and guaranteed, the retention period is longer, and there is no bad odor. Therefore, nail polish is accepted by many nail stores and consumers. However, any product will not be flawless. Just as nail polishes that have been born for more than 100 years still cannot solve the problems of drying speed, retention period, odor irritation, etc. The nail polishes that have just been born by the market will also have different problems Delamination, warping, cracks, reduced gloss, discoloration, and whole-piece shedding often occur in use.

Different from the mature products in the market, the problems of nail polishes are partly due to immature product development, and more problems are caused by the impetuousness of the nail market at the current stage. Many nail technicians do not really understand the product and are not willing to learn it seriously Mastering the technology used does not even follow the basic formal process, expectation and value are not equal, and it is based on experience or even taking for granted, resulting in many problems that could have been avoided. The following is a technical analysis of some representative common problems of nail polish, hoping to help nail art.

I. Lifting problem: Lifting, the glue layer of nail polish glue with or without primer is separated from the real nail surface, and the edges are lifted.

High Gloss Gel Polish

the reason:

1. The surface of real nails is not completely cleaned, the nails are not cleaned carefully enough, the oil film on the surface is not cleaned up, or the real nails are not protected after cleaning. Constantly touching the surface of real nails may cause warping.

2. There is no base coat gel of the same brand. When applying nail polish, it is recommended to use the same brand and the same series of products, which is more reliable. Under the premise of not fully understanding the product characteristics, the mixed use of products of different brands is likely to cause adverse consequences.

3. Applying dry adhesive for crystal nails: In order to keep nail polish on nails for a longer time, many manicurists will apply the dry adhesive of crystal nails, which is exactly the opposite. Oil glue will peel off quickly. Today's nail polish is a removable product. It is refused to be mixed with acidic materials, and it cannot be used as a primer.



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