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The Notification of New Coronavirus Prevention

697 2020-03-25

What is a new coronavirus ?

Coronaviruses only infect vertebrates and can cause respiratory/digestive/neurological diseases in humans and animals. The virus this time is a new coronavirus strain that has never been found in humans before. Named 2019-nCoV. Make sure people can be passed from person to person.

How is it transmitted ?

1. Generally transmitted by droplets (sneezing/coughing), contact (digging nostril/rubbing eyes

with a virus-exposed hand).

2. The virus is highly transmissive. If no protective measures are taken, theretically one patient

can transmit the virus to two to three people.

3. The maximum time from the virus exposure to the onset of new coronary disease is 14 days, soclose contacts should be observed for 14 days.

Gel raw material wholesaler teach you how to prevent the new pneumonia:

1. Avoid going to high- endemic areas, avoid crowded places, and avoid closed, empty places Airless public places and crowded places, strengthen window ventilation.

2. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbows (rather than your hands) when coughing and sneezing.

3.It is best to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer aftersneezing and coughing. Put paper towels in a covered trash bin.

4. When the employee wears a mask, the folded surface should be: fully unfolded, and the mouth, nose and jaw should be completely covered. Then press the nose clip tightly so that the mask fits the face completely.

5. The light-colored side of the mask is the inner side, and the inner side should be close to the mouth and nose, with the dark side facing outward; the end with the metal strip (nose clip) is above the mask. Masks should be replaced regularly, not on the inside or outside, not on both sides.

6. When washing your hands, pay attention to washing with running water and using soap (hand sanitizer), rubbing for at least 20 seconds.

What should I do if I have related symptoms ?

1. If you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, muscle aches, cough, sputum, shortness of breath, etc., you should seek medical treatment in time, and also tell the doctor the travel history of the two weeks before the illness so that the doctor can quickly make a diagnosis.

2. If the employee s temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees or cough, the department head or the administrative department must be notified immediately.

How to wear a mask correctly ?

a. Nose clip side up, dark side outward (folds down).

b. Fold up and down so that the mask covers the mouth/ nose/jaw.

c. Press the tips of your two fingers along the metal strip of the bridge of the nose from the middle to the sides and slowly press inward until it is close to the bridge of the nose.

d. Adjust the mask appropriately so that the periphery of the mask fits the face fully.

How do I wash my hands properly ?

a. Firstly, wet your hands under running water

b. Then take a suitable hand sanitizer (soap) and spread evenly on the entire palm/back of the hand /fingers.

c. Palms facing each other, fingers and rubbing each other.

d. Rub the palms of your hands along the back of your fingers and exchange them.

e. Palms facing each other, hands rubbing each other with fingers crossed.

f. Bend your fingers so that the knuckles rotate in the palm of the other hand.

g. Hold the thumb of the left hand in the right hand and rotate and rub it alternately.

h. Put your five fingertips on the palm of your other hand, rotate and rub, and exchange.

i. Rinse hands thoroughly under running water.

j. Dry your hands and take an appropriate amount of hand lotion for skin care.

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