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Analysis of the Reasons Why Nail Polish is not Durable

881 2020-03-02

Nail polish is different from nail polish. Nail polish has a wider range of applications. A child can use nail polish to apply good-looking nails, but nail polish is different, more professional, and air-drying. Let's take a look at why nail polish is not durable? Gel polish china wholesaler shares the reasons why nail polish is not durable.

Incomplete summary of the possible causes of nail polish not lasting

1. The reason for the whole piece to fall: the surface of the caramel (dead skin) did not go; the surface of the nail was not engraved; the surface of the nail was not cleaned before the glue was applied; the primer used was not repelled from the nail polish; The glue has impurities; it is not covered or applied to the flesh of the edges of the nails; the lighting time is not enough and so on.

2. Reasons for fingertip warping: The nail surface is not properly ground; there is no edging; the nail surface is not cleaned; the lighting time is not enough; the primer is not dried and so on.

Colorful Gel Polish

3. Part of the edge near the back of the nail (finger root)

Reasons: The caramel skin (dead skin) near the root of the finger is not removed; the nail surface is not cleaned; the root of the finger is not ground properly; the base coat gel is not dried; the lighting time is not enough and so on.

The above description includes, but is not limited to, these situations, and is not limited to these situations.

The normal operation process of colorful gel polish:

1. Manicure type to remove dead skin, repair your favorite type A, remove the dead skin on the carapace, the side and the finger margin, the dead skin will make the nail polish glue poor in adhesion, the glue is easy to mottle, or be I mistakenly thought it was shrinking gel, so it should be removed cleanly;

2. Carve the nail surface, use a tofu rub strip to grind the nail surface into a matte shape, the side of the nail and the part near the root of the finger must be polished in place.

3. Clean up the nail flour dust grease, some people 1.2. Both steps are good, apply the primer directly without cleaning the dust, clean the dust with a dust brush, and then use the nail polish to dip the cleaning solution to the nail surface. Residual dust and grease are cleaned off, and all corners are cleaned.

4. Apply primer, thin coating, enough time to light, remember to wrap, do not apply to the meat.

Nail Polish FAQ:

1. My primer (color glue) is not dry, and it feels sticky. I have been lighting for 3 hours. Answer: The bottom glue color glue is sticky after the light is illuminated, don't be curious to touch it.

2. Can nail polish be done with a table lamp? Can't

3. Can nail polish be dried with a hair dryer? No, nail polish is cured by light, not by hot air.

4. Nail polish smells too bad, what should I do with a stinky headache? Answer: Nail glue taste is relatively small, but it is impossible to have no taste at all. If this taste is very sensitive, nail polish is not suitable for you.

5. Do nails hurt your nails? Correct and reasonable operation will not hurt the nails. Only wrong operation will hurt the nails. Reasonable and regular maintenance of the nails will also make the nails more beautiful.

6. What should I do if I wipe off the color with a cotton pad after the color glue is applied to the light? Normal, don't worry, don't rub, just apply the sealant at the end.

What should I do if the nail polish is torn off?

First of all, control yourself not to buckle. If it is damaged, don't follow the manicure. Cut your nails short. Apply something like nail polish that strengthens the hardness of the nails. Slowly the damaged part will grow out and cut it. It is impossible to keep it back by maintenance. It is impossible to keep it back in this life. The nail is a metabolic thing. Just take it off and wait for it to grow and cut it.

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