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How Beautiful Is Nail Polish?

Published by 2020-01-08

Gel polish packaging is similar to traditional nail polish, which comes directly with a brush. However, because nail polishes are subject to light curing, the outside of nail polish bottles must be...

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How To Remove Nails To Reduce Direct Damage?

Published by 2020-01-04

We can't deny that the endless stream of nail styles has always pushed the nail industry to the forefront of the trend, and its unique decorative effect is not a substitute for simple accessories. ...

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Does Nail Art Really Make My Hands Black?

Published by 2019-12-25

I believe that every manicurist has been asked such a question: Will the nail lamp be blackened? Does regular exposure damage the skin? I heard that multiple shots of nail art can cause skin cancer...

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Do You Know What Types Of Nail Polish?

Published by 2019-12-20

Gel polish china wholesaler introduce to you: Nail polish is different from nail polish. Nail polish only needs to be dried, but nail polish needs a light. Nail polish can be wiped off with nail re...

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