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How to Do Cat Eye Manicure? Procedures for Cat Eye Polish

Published by 2022-07-19

How to do cat eye manicure? Procedures for cat eye polish. There are many ways to do nail art, from henna to gel polish. Manicure styles have evolved from solid colors at the beginning to palette c...

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Gel Nail Polish VS Regular Polish – Which Is The Better?

Published by 2022-07-05

If you're committed to keeping your real nails, the choice is between regular and gel nail polish. In this guide, we'll outline the differences so you can make the right choice. Keep reading to lea...

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Take Care Of Your Nails

Published by 2021-04-07

Take Care Of Your Nails Gel polish manicure uses saturated gel, which looks and acts like nail polish, but technically it is a gel. You need to make a base coat, 2-3 coats of color, and then finish...

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Can You Use a Regular Nail Polish With a Gel Top Coat

Published by 2021-04-02

Can You Use a Regular Nail Polish With a Gel Top Coat One of the easiest ways to make your regular nail polish last longer and look shinier is to apply a layer of UV gel topcoat on it. You see, UV ...

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