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What Are The Differences Between Gel And Acrylic Extensions?

381 2021-07-16

Getting a manicure is not just for aesthetic purposes. Although many of us are accustomed to regular nail polish, nail extensions of different shapes, sizes and art are the “it” thing right now. There are two types of extensions: gel and acrylic, but which one will we choose? We are here to break the difference and help you make the best choice before your next appointment.


What are gel and acrylic extensions?

The gel extension uses a UV-activated gel that a manicurist will create a customized shape and length on your natural nails, the gel will harden after a few minutes under UV light. On the other hand, acrylic extension is a mixture of monomer solution and polymer powder to form a paste, which is then applied to the nails, shaped, and air-dried.


What is the difference between the two?

When used, the gel is easier to use, and the effect is much faster than acrylic, which takes a while to dry, and the fumes of chemicals are toxic.

Compared with acrylic, gels are generally lighter in weight, safer and healthier because they are easier to remove. Both types of nails are removed by the same method: filing, buffing, soaking the nails in acetone, and then scrape off the remaining nail polish. However, due to the ductility of acrylic extension is harder and thicker, the removal process may make our nails and nail bed feel rough-it is recommended to rest the nails after three to six months of continuous use of acrylic.

However, the strength of acrylic can make your nail art last six to eight weeks, while the gel can last two to three weeks.


Liquid Builder Gel Polish

Liquid Builder Gel Polish


Which is the better choice?

First, check your bare nails. Unlike gels, if your nails are short, acrylic extensions work best because the manicurist can make your nails grow to the length you want. If your nails are soft, it is better to use gel, because it will harm you less in the long run.

Next, what are your day-to-day activities look like? If you carry a lot of heavy equipment at the gym or at work, the firmness of acrylic nails may become a problem, because if an accident occurs, it may tear off your entire nail. The gel gives this area a little leeway because it is more likely to just chip off (although it still hurts).

Last but not least, what kind of look do you want to achieve? Gel extensions look more natural, while acrylic extensions are more suitable for those who like complex designs, patterns, and decals.

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