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Choose Nail Polish

668 2021-07-02

Choose Nail Polish

Nail polish is characterized by the need for UV/LED light to dry, fast drying speed, beautiful color, with the use of primer and sealing layer, the retention time will be longer, and more wear-resistant. The nail polish market is developing rapidly, with various brands, various packaging, various fancy names, and bottle types. If you are a novice, you may accidentally choose a product that is not cost-effective or of poor quality. Today, Gel raw material wholesalers tell you how to identify good nail polish.

Method 1

For nail polish, we don't need to pay much attention to its beautiful packaging and fancy brand, but to look at its color table and its essential performance. Look separately: color, luster, texture, thickness.

The color and the color of the nail polish are the main parameters we choose. Whether the color is good or bad, whether it is popular or not, is all related to the quality of the nail polish. There is a certain color difference between the actual color and the color card. We must pay attention to the size of the color difference.

Color, don't be fooled by the appearance of the color chart. Generally speaking, the color chart is carefully made by a professional manicurist. The essence of glue is difficult to express. We are going to apply it to our hands to see if the color is bright and even.

Nail polish

Nail polish

For texture, the raw material of nail polish glue is made up of base glue and color paste. If the color paste and the base glue are not mixed well, or even delamination occurs, then pay attention.

Thickness, the color of the color card is related to the thickness of the nail polish glue. It can be painted in one stroke-a thin layer of glue is evenly colored, which is good glue. On the contrary, products that are applied thickly in order to achieve beautiful colors are worthy of your consideration.

Method 2

No matter how beautiful the bottle or color chart is, you must do it yourself when choosing nail polish. Only by personal experience can you feel the characteristics of nail polish. Feel the viscosity of the nail polish, the degree of coloring, the quality of the brush, the feel of the bottle cap, etc. After application, we need to take the light to see if there is shrinkage and whether the surface is smooth after phototherapy. Don't foam or wrinkle, these are the key points.

A good custom nail polish has a moderate viscosity, is neatly brushed, does not curl, and is soft when brushed, and the bottle cap feels consistent with the posture of the hand. After the color glue is illuminated, the surface is smooth, but it will not stick to the color when touched by hand, and there should be no shrinkage, wrinkling, etc.

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