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How To Spread Gel Polish Evenly

Published by 2021-05-22

How To Spread Gel Polish Evenly 1. Use your right hand first, then your left hand You must first complete the more difficult direction of painting, that is, you can paint the nails of the right han...

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How To Make Gel Nail Lasting

Published by 2021-05-14

How To Make Gel Nail Lasting Probably everyone wants their beloved gel nails to last longer, as long as they usually spend more time thinking about it. The diamond gel china supplier will introduce...

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Why does the base coat gel shrink?

Published by 2021-05-08

Why does the base coat gel shrink? Today, the base coat gel China factory collected some problems and solutions of base rubber shrinkage and analyzed them with you. Nails shrink It will show a cert...

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The Way To Choose Nail Polish

Published by 2021-04-28

The Way To Choose Nail Polish Nail polish is characterized by the need for UV/LED light to dry, fast drying speed, beautiful color, with the use of primer and sealing layer, the retention time will...

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