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How should fix it,when a bit of gel polish fell?

Published by 2019-05-09

How should fix it,when a bit of gel polish fell? Gel polish is a kind of material instead of nail polish, now it is commonly used, because gel polish is more environmentally friendly, while nail po...

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How to discharge the nail oil glue of manicure?

Published by 2019-05-06

How does light cure manicure discharge? Most people's phototherapy manicure is done in the nail shop, the characteristics of phototherapy manicure is not easy to drop, so, generally go back to the ...

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How to get a gradient manicure?

Published by 2019-04-28

How to get a gradient manicure?The Custom Gel Polish China would like to share for you. Step 1: apply a layer of protein tough oil primer to protect the nail surface, lasting for 7-14 days. Step 2...

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Properties of nail polish glue

Published by 2019-04-23

Properties of nail polish glue Due to its special characteristics, Custom Gel Polish China Manufacturer shares that nail polish glue is more durable than ordinary nail polish, easier to operate, an...

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