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What should I do if there is shrinkage after the nail polish is applied?

974 2019-06-17

What should I do if there is shrinkage after the gel polish is applied?

Gel polish is a kind of nail polish, so to speak, in today's nail art industry, there are fewer and fewer users of nail polish, and more and more people are using gel polish, because gel polish is really much better than nail polish, but gel polish is not a panacea, sometimes, not used properly, there will be problems.

For example, Colorful Cat Eye Gel shrink glue problem, this is a manicurist trouble, below small make up to teach you how to solve.

Three-step gel polish

A certain degree of shrinkage of polish polish after lighting. The amount of oligomer and active diluent determines the degree of shrinkage.

In fact, all gel polish will have some degree of shrinkage, only some mild, some severe. When a gel polish adhesive contains more oligomers and active diluents, the more substances involved in the condensation reaction, the higher the shrinkage rate will be. That is, they are proportional to each other.

Three-step gel polish

If there is no mistake above the operation, it is sure that there is a problem on the nail adhesive, here to teach you how to solve.

Too much and too thick gel polish, too much bottom glue, it is difficult for the gel polish glue to adhere to the surface evenly.

Apply a small amount of gel polish and brush it twice.

Colorful Cat Eye Gel

Colorful Cat Eye Gel


Improper cleaning

The oil on the surface of the nail is not thoroughly cleaned, and the remaining oil may not hold the glue, or the glue may not adhere to the nail evenly after the coating.


When polishing, only focus on the highest arch on the nail surface, ignoring the nail groove on both sides and the back edge of the nail. This causes the surface of the nail to be too smooth and has less adhesion.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply Cat Eye Gel for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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