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A neat way to spread gel polish evenly

1,005 2019-06-21

A neat way to spread gel polish evenly

1. Apply your right hand before your left

Should finish painting the direction with higher difficulty first, namely you can finish painting the fingernail of the right hand with the left hand first, after waiting the rich color Gel Polish completely dry, reoccupy besmear the fingernail of the left hand with the right hand. Because generally speaking, the beginning of coating nail adhesive will be more focused, the first not very smooth side of the coating, can reduce the probability of confusion.

2. Leaving only one side of the amount of nail polish glue

When dipping nail adhesive, take the amount of nail adhesive that can be coated on one side, and the excess can be scraped off at the mouth of the bottle, so that it is not easy to have a case of nail adhesive out of the boundary!

3. Do not press gently

Many people unconsciously apply nail polish in a way that pushes too hard. It is recommended that when you apply each layer of nail polish glue, the action should be light.

Platinum Diamond Gel Polish

Platinum Diamond Gel Polish

4. Use your fingertips first

First, lightly coat your fingertips with nail polish. This will help keep your nail polish complete and long-lasting.

5. 80% dry when the second layer

When you finish the first layer on the second layer of time, be sure to wait until the nail 80 dry time, also finally on the bright oil time, also want to wait until the Platinum Diamond Gel Polish 8 dry. Because every time you put more nail polish on it, you have to wait longer, so be patient, so you won't scratch your original coat of nail polish.

6. Flick the finger lightly to test the degree of nail polish glue drying

While you're waiting for the nail polish to dry, here's a way to help you test it. Tap the top of the nail polish with your finger.

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