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What Should I Do If There Is Shrinkage After Applying Nail Polish?

1,256 2022-04-20


Gel polish is a kind of nail polish. It can be said that in today's nail industry, there are fewer and fewer nail polish users, and more and more people use gel polish because gel polish is really better than nail polish, but gel polish is not a panacea, and sometimes, if used incorrectly, there will be problems.

For example, the colorful cat eye gel shrink glue problem is trouble for nail artists, the following editor will teach you how to solve it.


How Would You Know If Your Nail Polish Is Shrinking?

Well, if you see your polish fading away, it might not always be nail polish shrinkage. Maybe the polish you applied lasts for a week, that’s why it’s starting to chip.
In that case, the nail polish is not shrinking at all.

Regular nail polish lasts for two days before it starts chipping or fading away. So if you find your nails fading at the cuticles or the tip after two days. Then you don’t have to worry about nail polish shrinkage. It’s just the polish fading naturally. And there’s nothing you can do except re-apply a fresh coat of nail polish.

Gel polish is known to last for up to 2 weeks. And after that, the polish starts chipping at the tips and edges. So, it’s natural if you find gel polish fading away after the first two weeks. Also since the nails grow in this period, the polish pulls away from cuticles. It’s natural and there’s not a lot we can do.

If the nails don’t look nice, you can remove the gel polish and apply another coat.


So, when should you worry about nail polish shrinking?

Let’s say you applied a fresh coat of gel nail polish. And the next day when you wake up, you find your nail polish already fading away. And the paint looks worn and old. Something entirely different from what you’ve seen a day back.

The polish is pulling away from the tip and the cuticles. If this is the scenario, then your nail polish is shrinking. This is when you should analyze the situation and take action.

Nail polish shrinkage mostly happens with gel polish. And if you want to know why, let’s jump into the next segment-


Reasons Why Your Nail Polish Is Shrinking

There are many reasons why a nail polish might be shrinking. Some of them are due to the application process. Others are due to the product that we’re using. However, all of the reasons could be avoided.

Reasons Based on The Application Process

There are so many things that can go wrong during the application process. Because you have to keep in mind a lot of things at a time.

So it’s only natural that you might forget or do an entire step wrong. These little mistakes cause our nail polish to shrink.


Reasons Based On The Shrinking Positions

If your nail polish is shrinking, you’ll see that they pull away from certain places. The most common areas are the tips and the cuticle. The reasons also differ based on the positions.

Natural Growth

This is one of the most common reasons a nail polish might shrink. Of course, our nails will grow. They grow quicker in summer and slower in winter.

Also, it’s scientifically proven that the nails of your dominant hand grow faster. It could be that your nails have simply grown. That’s why the polish has shrunk.

Poor Quality

Another reason is the poor quality of the products. It might be that you’ve used expired nail polish. This can cause the nail shrinking problem.

So it’s ideal to use quality products on our nails. Which also includes the base coat and the topcoat.

In case you’re wondering where to get these. We’re recommending RONIKI Nail Polish for you.


How Can I Solve The Nail Shrinking Problem?

Three-step gel polish

A certain degree of shrinkage after glazing. The amount of oligomer and reactive diluent determines the degree of shrinkage.

In fact, all gel polish will shrink to a certain extent, but some are slight and some are serious. When a gel polish adhesive contains more oligomers and reactive diluents, the more substances involved in the polycondensation reaction, the higher the shrinkage rate will be. In other words, they are proportional.

If there is no error in the above operations, there must be a problem with the nail glue. Here is how to solve it.

With too much gel polish, too thick, too much bottom glue, it is difficult for the gel polish to stick to the surface evenly.

Use a small amount of gel polish and brush twice.

Improper cleaning

The oil stains on the surface of the nails have not been thoroughly cleaned, the remaining oil stains may not grasp the glue, or the glue may not evenly adhere to the nails after the coating.


When polishing, only pay attention to the highest curvature of the nail surface, ignoring the nail grooves on both sides and the trailing edge of the nail. This causes the surface of the nail to be too smooth and the adhesion is weakened.

The above is all the sharing, thank you for reading, we also offer cat eye gel for sale, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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