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Quick dry nail polish

Published by 2019-07-06

Quick dry nail polish Refrigerate nail polish for half an hour Before applying the nail polish for 20-30 minutes, you can put the Gel Polish China  in the refrigerator freezer first. Compared with ...

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How to make nail polish lasting?

Published by 2019-07-03

How to make nail polish lasting? Shared by the 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish supplier. 1, base oil must be wiped! In fact, a lot of people will omit the base oil this step, but there is no good bottom real...

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What Should I Do If There Is Shrinkage After Applying Nail Polish?

Published by 2022-04-20

  Gel polish is a kind of nail polish. It can be said that in today's nail industry, there are fewer and fewer nail polish users, and more and more people use gel polish because gel polish is...

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What colour polish polish looks good?

Published by 2019-06-25

What color of nail polish looks good? Gel polish supplier China shares that the red manicure has always been a symbol of the goddess, both in the drama and in life. The graceful feminine tastes sub...

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