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Nail Polish Glue VS Cat Eye Nail Polish

683 2021-11-09


How does Magnetic Cat Eye Nail Polish Work?


We've all had fun with magnets at a young age, and magnetic nails are basically the very same point. Tiny bits of iron are set aside in nail polish. When it's still wet, the iron filings react when you hold a magnet close to it. And move around in the shine, creating the result of a cat's eye nail.


How to Utilize This Gloss?


Prepare your nails with a base coat as well as await it completely dry.

RONIKI desires to elevate that to magnetic polish that is multi-chrome or likewise multi-chrome with holographic shine. These are showy gloss.

Utilize the magnet stick close to the toenail instantly for at the very least 30s. Maintain away from the Polish.

Apply 3D magnetic nail polish.

Use the black shade layer wait for it completely dry after that 2nd layer, wait on it completely dry.

Apply RONIKI leading layer as well as make use of the magnet stick near toenail once again for a minimum of 30s.



Pretty Magnetic Nail Polish


RONIKI is understood for their nail art materials as well as they have not allowed us down below. Their magnetic polishes have wonderful interpretations.

Simply 2 layers of gloss however from looking at it. There are 6 glosses in each collection and also 10 collections to select from. The broad array of minor shade motif modifications does provide you a little bit even more control over the shades you would certainly such as to obtain.


Advantages of RONIKI Cat‘s Eye Gel Polish


1. Long-wearing performance last up without peeling, chipping, or fading and is easily removed in minutes.

2. Imported top-quality raw material.

3. High gloss shine with fast dry performance and strong adhesion.

4. Free from Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP.

5. Good quality with competitive price and perfect service.

6. OEM and ODM services are both welcome.

7. Harmless, environmentally friendly and odorless.

8. All of our products are approved by MSDS and CE standards.


Final Thoughts

If you're brand name brand-new to gel nail gloss. If you have an area in your nail gloss storage space, that's a bargain to leap on. Their magnetic polishes have wonderful interpretations. RONIKI desires to increase that to magnetic polish that is multi-chrome or additionally multi-chrome with holographic radiance.

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