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8 Types Of Manicure

778 2022-01-26

There are a few different manicure types to choose from. So before you go running to the salon, keep reading to find out which one is best for you!


The Classic Manicure

A classic manicure is simple as can be. It starts with a nail cleaning (cuticles filed, cut, and shaping) and is followed by a polish application.


The Reverse Manicure

A Reverse Manicure is the reverse take on the Classic French and highlights the lower part of your nail known as the half-moon. It falls under the classic manicure category but the popularity of the design makes it deserving of its own shoutout.


The Paraffin Manicure

A Paraffin Manicure is an added treatment that includes dipping your hands into warm, melted paraffin wax and hydrates the skin after receiving a full manicure service.


The Vinylux Manicure

A Vinylux Manicure is a polish created by CND (the polish brand Creative Nail Design) that has a self-adhering color coat that provides long wear that can be removed with nail polish remover and last up to a week without chipping.


The Shellac Manicure

A Shellac Manicure is similar to a gel manicure except it is a nail product created by CND and is a half nail polish, half gel product, and is cured through UV lighting as well.


The Gel Manicure

There are two types of gels: Soft gel and hard gel. The main difference between the two products has to do with how they are removed. Soft gel nails are known as “soak-off gels” because the nail polish can be removed with acetone. Hard gel is used to add nail length over soft gel that is used solely as a polish. Gel nails are also best for nail art.

What are the types of Gel Polish?

  1. Painted glue

High color saturation, one-color color, suitable for painting with flower-painted pens and paint trays, can replace painted pigments, can also be used as a single-color nail polish, which can be used as a base glue and seal for general nail polish.

  1. Cat-eye glue

A thin and bright reflective strip will appear on the surface, which can change with the intensity of the light. The band is called "cat's eye flash" or "cat's eye."

It is necessary to apply a Cat Eye Gel polish with a moderate thickness on the primer, and place it on the nail polish surface with a special cat's eye magnet bar, close to but not in contact (as with the operation of the phantom nail polish), and the effect appears immediately after 1.5 seconds. Immediately after that, the phototherapy lamp was set for 3 minutes. Cat-eye magnets come in different styles and can be used to make strips of different shapes, with a special primer and seal.

  1. Crack glue (cracking glue)

This kind of glue will naturally form a crack effect, and the operation method is slightly different from the general nail polish.

After the primer is finished, brush the bottom color nail polish, and the two layers of each layer will be lit for 2 minutes. No need to clean it. (The background color is different, the effect is not the same.) Brush the cracked nail polish, the more you brush The thinner the thin crack, wait for one minute for the cracking effect to form naturally, then illuminate the lamp for 2 minutes, brush a layer of reinforced rubber, fill the unevenness of the cracked rubber, make the nail surface smooth, light for 2 minutes, and finally seal the layer Primer. A special primer and seal are required.

  1. Temperature change glue (gradient glue)

The Rainbow Color Gel polish will change with the change of temperature. The MM of the long nail can directly see the gradient effect because of the different temperatures before and after the nail. The operation method is exactly the same as the pure color nail polish, and it needs to use a special primer and seal.

  1. Sugar glue

There are small colored particles like sugar, which have a strong stereoscopic effect. Most of the colors are fresh and sweet. It is especially suitable for some Japanese styles or cute styles. The operation method is exactly the same as that of pure color nail polish. It needs to use a special primer and seal.


The Acrylic Manicure

An Acrylic Manicure is the combination of a liquid monomer and powder polymer that creates a hard protective layer over your natural nail and is then coated with polish.


The Dip Powder Nail

Like the name mentions, you dip your nails into a little jar of a color of your choice instead of the classic use of UV rays to seal in your polish.



Navigating the world of nail services and products can be confusing. So I hope you have a slightly better understanding after reading this article.

Still confused? No worries, contact RONIK for more information.

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