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How to Make Gel Nails Last and Shine?

971 2021-10-11



I think we all want our beloved gel nails to last longer, but we can do it with a little more thought. Here are some tips on how to make your gel manicure last.


Apply a top coat of nail polish

After a week or so after getting your nails done, it's time to apply a top coat of nail polish. This will bring back the shine and protect our nails. You will need to reapply every 3-4 days. Even if the gel gets warped, the topcoat will help to stop it. In addition, the topcoat will prevent the discoloration of gel nails caused by UV rays and cigarettes.

It doesn't matter if it's not a gel nail polish. If you apply it thickly, there may be bubbles, so just apply a thin layer. After applying it, you can prevent the rhinestones and other small decorations from falling off the nail when you wash your hair.


Pay attention to the way you wash your hair

Washing with your fingertips can cause a lot of damage to your gel nails. If you wash it yourself, use your fingertips to wash it. It's important not to use your fingertips too hard. It is best to use a shampoo brush.

It's also a good idea to use your own hands, which you're not used to. Because it's not as hard to use, the damage to your nails will be reduced.



Apply the nail polish to the nail root and massage it continuously so that it is absorbed. The massage will improve blood circulation and keep your nails healthy. Massage is also helpful if you want your gel manicure to last.

Use olive oil or camellia oil for nail care. Before going to bed, apply nail polish with high moisturizing properties. If you apply nail polish after applying hand cream, the moisturizing effect will be great.

Moisturizing nails should be done on a daily basis. Too dry nails will make the gel nail and the nail fit less well, thus making it easier to peel off.



Don't touch hot water for a long time

Prolonged contact with hot water will also make the gel nail easy to fall off. Don't keep your nails in hot water when you take a bath. If you have to wash them for a long time, put your hands outside the bathtub.

Also don't stay in hot and humid places like saunas and rock baths for a long time. The gel may soften and fall off in a hot environment.

If there is a gap between the nail and the gel, the gap will be very humid, which will lead to mold growth and the gel manicure may turn into green nails.


Wear rubber gloves

If you are in a state where water contact is unavoidable, wear rubber gloves when doing things like washing dishes or laundry where you will encounter a lot of water. If your nails are wet, your gel manicure will tend to stick up. Especially for people with thin nails or injured nails, wet nails will become weak and the manicure will come off more easily.

The surfactants contained in the detergent will absorb the oil from your hands and make your nails very dry, so make sure to wear gloves.


We hope that with the help of the above information, your manicure will last longer. We are a nail art gel supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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