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How to make gel polishing nail polish remover?

874 2019-11-14

Purple nail gel polish wholesaler said some steps for making gel polishing nail polish remover :

1. delete your old nail polish. Dip the cotton swab into the nail polish remover, and even clear, you can remove all the old nail polish. Be sure to remove all corners and cracks as you can see other colors with a light French mani polish.

Please note that acetone nail polish remover can dry and damage your nails, so you may have to choose a remover that does not contain this chemical.

2. Start trimming your nails to the desired length. Make sure they are all average. Use nail clippers to trim uneven spots and make sure all nails are the same length If you want acrylic nails, you can trim them to your fingertips. After trimming the nails, apply acrylic glue and nails according to the instructions on the package.

3. Use a nail file to finish the nails so that each has a smooth, crescent shaped edge. You can put your nails in a square or a circle, depending on your preference. Use nail buffers to increase the surface of the nail When you submit your nails, do not press them down, or they will damage your nails. You want to gently drag the files on your fingernails.

4. Soak your nails. Place your hands in a warm water bowl, whole milk or olive oil. This softens your horniness and makes it easier to push back. Soak for about three minutes, then dry your hands with a towel.

5. Push back your cuticle. Use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to push your cuticle back. Do not trim your cuticle; this will open the infection to your nail matrix (the area where your nails grow from here) and may cause your nails to deform, such as ridges or discoloration At this time, you can also massage some skin oil on your fingernails. After applying cuticle oil, you can drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol on your fingernails. Make sure you don't have too many, as this can cause brittle nails.

6. Priming :First draw a stripe in the center of the first nail, then two more stripes on both sides. From the cuticle to the tip, the brush tilts forward. Fill the entire nail with a smooth, even stroke. Continue to apply primer to each nail of your hands.

You can use rich color gel polish or any color you like. For skills, you can use white nail polish or another contrasting color. Allow the base to dry thoroughly and apply a second coat. Make sure the base is completely dry before proceeding.

7. Brush your nail tip with a white nail polish. Make sure your hands are stable and put a white crescent on your fingernails. White Poland should stop where white people stop on your nails. Let the tip dry completely, and if you like, apply another layer.

8. Add a transparent coat to protect the appearance of the nail you just brushed. The use of a topcoat will also help the manicure last longer.The perfect matching gel polish setis ready.

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