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The Relevant Technical Presentations of Gel Polish

826 2019-11-08

The three step gel supplier introduced the gel filtration chromatography:

Gel filtration chromatography is a technology for elution and separation based on the molecular sieve of porous network structure and the relative molecular weight of each component in the separated sample.

Gel Polish

Rainbow gel polish

Gel filtration chromatography (gel filtration chromatography), also known as exclusion chromatography or molecular sieve method, is mainly based on the size and shape of protein, namely the quality of protein separation and purification. The packing in the chromatography column is some inert porous reticular structure materials, most of which are cross-linked glycans (such as dextran or agarose), so that the substances in the protein mixture can be separated according to the different molecular size. It is also called molecular exclusion chromatography. A chromatographic technique for separating proteins or other molecular compounds from a molecular size by using a porous gel bead as a substrate. Generally, large molecules flow out first and small molecules flow out later.

Gel filtration chromatography is also known as molecular sieve chromatography and exclusion chromatography. It is the use of a molecular sieve with a network of gelatin, which separates according to the molecular size of the separated substance. The packing in the chromatographic column is inert porous network structure. Most of them are cross-linked glycans (such as dextran or agarose), small molecules can enter the interior, and the flow is longer, while macromolecules are excluded from the outside. The short distance is shorter. When a mixture of solutions is passed through a gel filtration column, the substances in the solution are separated by different molecular weights.

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