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Development prospect of nail oil adhesive industry

947 2019-09-16

Development prospect of nail oil adhesive industry shared by Gel Polish china factory.

Armour oil glue, light cure glue, crystal powder is synthetic resin, not what natural resin, tell the truth natural resin can do, but is absolutely affordable, high-grade armour oil glue is done with oral cavity material is filling tooth material, to the world famous brand OPI, LCN,HN are dental materials manufacturers. Medium and low end nail oil glue is also made with the same kind of synthetic resin, but not using pharmaceutical grade raw materials, but using industrial grade raw materials. But why did polish gel replace nail polish? It is basically even if the nail oil glue that USES industrial raw material to do, its healthy environmental protection level also is 100 times than nail polish, basic to the person is harmless.

Gel Polish China Wholesaler shares that with the development of The Times, the prospect of China's nail oil adhesive industry is getting better and better, not only improving the quality, but also improving the technology, the specific analysis is as follows:

Gel Polish China

Gel Polish China


Some new products of modified, jointed, copolymerized and special adhesives have been developed successively, such as polyurethane modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion, freeze resistant white latex, shuangma modified epoxy resin conductive adhesive, organosilicone modified epoxy resin structural adhesive and so on. These products are not only of good quality, but also better able to meet customers' requirements. Second, the progress of production technology has been accelerated, China's adhesive production technology has made considerable progress. New production technologies, such as radiation, uv and interpenetrating network, have played an important role in improving product performance and quality.

Nail oil glue has avirulent, tasteless, environmental protection, health and other characteristics, with the gloss of glue and the color of oil, is the symbol of the new nail trend. Its raw materials from natural resin, environmental protection non-toxic, health and safety characteristics, compatible with the common advantages of glue and nail oil, color full and transparent, easy to apply, instant drying, luster to maintain a longer lasting.

So our country's Gel Polish industry development prospects are very good, my company in strict accordance with the standard operation, not only good quality and beautiful, welcome you to our company to consult.

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