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The difference between nail polish and gel polish

1,018 2019-09-29

Nail polish: also known as "nail paint", "nail oil". Its main component is 70%-80% volatile solvent, about 15% nitrate Cellulose, a small amount of oily solvent, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-soluble pigments. After the nail polish is applied to the nail, the solvent contained in the nail polish volatilizes to form a colored film, and then the film adheres to the nail, and has a moderately colored luster to protect the nail and impart a beauty to the nail. It is a kind of self-drying nail polish, which is also called self-drying nail polish. Therefore, nail polish is usually placed in a transparent bottle. It needs to be sealed only when it is stored.

But, do you know? This convenient and quick-drying nail polish is not an ideal nail material, in order to make nail polish easy. Permeable, the solvent used mainly includes acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, formaldehyde and the like. When these solvents are volatilized, they are inhaled into the human body, which may cause discomfort. If they are inhaled for a long time, they may affect the health of the human body. In addition, because of the high permeability, nail polish may cause some bad for children with weak nails. The consequences, for example, children who use nail polish to make nails too often, nails may be yellow, dull, and serious problems of paronychia may occur. So be careful not to get nails on the skin. If you accidentally stick it, wipe it off with a nail remover before drying out.

Gel polish: On the market, it has become qq glue, Barbie glue, phototherapy glue, etc. There are many types of gel polish, such as cat eye gel and frosted surface gel polish which are popular on the market. Its main component is natural resin and some color materials. This material will cure under ultraviolet light instead of volatilization. It will form a plastic-like film. The permeability is worse than that of nail polish, but the gloss and resistance. The degree of wear and firmness are better than nail polish. The most important thing is that it is almost non-volatile and does not have too much taste. It takes only one to two minutes to dry, unlike nail polish, it may be necessary. Let it dry for ten minutes. So now it’s the situation that the gel polish gradually replaces the nail polish position.

Cat Eye Gel Polish

Because the gel polish has the characteristics of light curing, the gel polish is usually sealed in an opaque bottle. It is also necessary to save in the dark, but the advantage is that as long as the ultraviolet light is not too strong, the gel polish will not solidify so quickly, it is convenient to draw patterns and modify.

Finally, I am talking about the difference between gel polish and nail polish. The operation of nail polish is generally: base oil - color paint - bright oil; and the gel polish is: the bottom glue - color glue - seal layer, each layer should be dried with phototherapy light when it is done. It seems that gel polish is more troublesome, but from a health and practical point of view, the price ratio of gel polish is far higher than nail polish!

Who is the hazard of nail polish and gell polish?

Nail polish is composed of volatile solvent formaldehyde, nitrocellulose, and oil-soluble pigment. The nail polish will slowly oxidize and yellow, and the pigment will precipitate on the nail, so it will be removed in 3 to 4 days. The gel polish is a resin that is itself non-toxic and harmless, and it lasts for a long time. The damage to the nails is more from the unloading water, which contains acetone that is harmful to the nails. The two are not good or bad. If you prefer to use nail polish for changing nail color frequently, it is recommended to use gel polish.

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