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We are attending the 53rd Guangzhou China International Beauty Expo

736 2019-09-05

The 53rd guangzhou beauty expo

Guangzhou beauty expo time:

September 5-7, 2019

Guangzhou beauty expo location:

Guangzhou ● China import and export fair zone A, B, C & nanfeng international convention and exhibition center


Guangdong beauty industry association

Beauty Expo Guangzhou

Beauty Expo Guangzhou



As a Gel Polish supplier China, we warmly invite you to visit us in the 53rd Guangzhou beauty expo.

China international art fair (guangzhou beauty expo) by guangdong hairdressing cosmetic industry association, the national federation of industry and commerce hairdressing cosmetic industry chamber, on behalf of the Chinese hairdressing cosmetic industry bellwether of China international hairdressing cosmetic products import and export fair (hereinafter referred to as "China international exposition"), by the Maya was founded in 1989, President held two three, September each year since 1996. 138 big beauty industry talent net since 2008, of the China international fair (guangzhou beauty expo) to report, as an industry media, over the years has been committed to the development of the watch industry, guangzhou beauty expo as an indicator of beauty industry zai-shallow pits south China development, attracting every industry practitioners, is the world's first professional exhibition, 138 big beauty industry talent net in March and September each year, has issued the latest issue of the China beauty expo project, for the industry to provide more viewpoints and observation, make workers more timely access to the latest information, understand beauty expo, wide understanding of the state, the solution of the beauty industry in China.

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