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[Laser Cat Eye Gel Polish Supplier China]How to choose gel polish according to skin color?

708 2019-05-14

How to choose gel polish according to skin color?

Laser Cat Eye Gel Polish Supplier China shares that a lot of beautiful eyebrow look at others manicure to do good-looking, oneself also follow go doing, but the effect is not so good in ideal however, how is this to return a responsibility? Originally, when choosing a oil glue color is choose nail glue is a more important and intuitive standard, different color of skin's own eye color, hair color is also different judgment right for what kind of glue nail color of a reference standard, the small fairies can accordingly to judge yourself is the first cold light, cryogenic and warm in the three kinds of color of skin which to choose.

Laser Cat Eye Gel Polish Supplier China

Laser Cat Eye Gel Polish Supplier China

Light cold skin

The skin of the hands and face is usually powdery white or milky white, and the blood vessels through the hands are mostly blue or blue-purple, while the color of the eyes is mostly burnt tan, dark brown, and the hair color is relatively light.

Pick and choose: because of their light skin tone, fairies can experiment with lighter nail polish creams, such as pink, goose yellow, milk tea, mint green, sky blue and so on. However, dark nails and color contrast is too strong and abrupt, do not recommend the choice of light cool color fairy.

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