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[Gel Polish for sale]Definition of Gel Polish

1,150 2019-05-17

Definition of Gel Polish

3D Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish supplier shares that Gel Polish is similar to traditional nail Polish in that it is directly operated with the brush. However, because gel polish will be photo-cured, it is necessary to spray paint the outside of gel polish bottles to prevent light transmission.

It has a non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection and other characteristics, has the plastic color, luster and oil gel polish is the symbol of nail latest trend, and general compared to the polish, such as nail polish brand QQ, its raw materials are from natural resin, environmental non-toxic, health and safety features, compatible glues and the common advantages of nails, colour and lustre is full and transparent, easy to apply, instant drying, gloss more durable, known as the most fashionable a polish star masterpiece. When it first appeared, it was also called QQ gel polish, HAPPY gel polish, etc. Some high-quality nail polish polish in the market can be removed with ordinary nail polish polish remover. Some evening gowns gel polish, Emma Hardie gel polish, all of which fall into this category.

That's all for the sharing,and we supply 3D Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish for sale, if you have any demand for our products,just feel free to contact us.

3D Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish supplier

3D Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish supplier


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