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How should fix it,when a bit of gel polish fell?

1,103 2019-05-09

How should fix it,when a bit of gel polish fell?

Gel polish is a kind of material instead of nail polish, now it is commonly used, because gel polish is more environmentally friendly, while nail polish is less environmentally friendly and slightly toxic. Sometimes, after applying nail polish glue, there are some places where there are drops. So how to fill the missing part?

There are generally two types of drops:

(1) front end drop: it can be filled, slightly sanded with sand bar at the drop position, and then filled in with gel polish.

(2) falling of the rear end: it is not recommended to continue to add color, because the complementary color must be polished, and polishing will thin the glue in front of the falling position, so that the front will also fall, and the glue fault has already appeared after the falling, which is difficult to fill, and prone to uneven situation.

Gel polish

Gel polish

It still depends on whether the gel polish you dropped is serious or not. If it is very serious, it is not recommended to make up for it. You can consider making it again, and if it is a little bit, you can make up for it.

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