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The Characteristics And Application Of Gel Polish

1,344 2019-12-09

We are a purple nail gel polish wholesaler.We have more than 10 years experience in nail care markets and selling more than 100 countries,and also having rich experience in OEM and ODM service.

Packaging of gel polish is similar to the traditional nail polish, and is directly operated with its own brush. However, due to the light curing relationship, the exterior of the bottle must be painted to prevent light transmission.

It has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, with the luster of glue and the color of oil. The nail polish glue is the symbol of the latest nail trend. Compared with the general nail polish, its raw materials are from natural resin, with the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, health and safety. It is compatible with the common advantages of glue and nail polish. It has full and transparent color, easy to apply, instant quick drying, and more durable luster, so it is called It is the most fashionable star work of a-oil.

Gel Polish

Because of its special characteristics, nail polish adhesive is more durable, easier to operate, more convenient and diversified in the design of nail patterns than ordinary nail polish. The most important thing is that the ladies who like manicure are completely dry in about one minute after applying the manicure glue. They can use their hands to do anything at once. They don't need to apply the manicure as before and stretch their fingers to dry it out. They are afraid that they will lose all their efforts if they accidentally touch it.

Sensory physical and chemical indexes:

  1. Appearance: viscous body
  2. Odor: meet the requirements
  3. Viscosity range: excellent
  4. Drying time: ≤ 5 minutes
  5. Firmness: no shedding and heat resistance in three days]: b]] 42b]] ℃± 1 ℃ no stratification, thinning, discoloration phenomenon b] cold resistance:] - 5B] ℃± 1 ℃ no stratification, thinning, discoloration phenomenon at room temperature.

Testing standard:

After 3 minutes of light therapy lamp, it should be completely dry, with color matching, no yellowing, shrinkage and wrinkling, glossiness (no need to apply sealing layer) and no pungent smell.

In 2013, shellable nail polish was born, and there is no need to remove nail. Zero damage, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. Subvert the traditional nail Market.

Usage method of rich color Gel Polish:

First of all, handle the dead skin and dust on the nail surface. Apply a thin layer of primer, light for 30 seconds. Then apply a thin layer of color nail polish, light for 1 minute. Apply a second layer of color nail polish, light for 1 minute. Finally, apply a layer of seal, increase the gloss, light for 2 minutes. Scrub the nail surface with alcohol, and then finish.

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