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Is it safe to use nail polish for nail art?

913 2019-12-13

In the United States, annual nail polish sales are close to $ 800 million, and many people have done nail art. However, spending money on nail polish that lasts only a few days is a waste of time and money. Now, women can choose nail polish for manicure, rubber base gel polish can maintain the effect of nails for 2 ~ 4 weeks.

"Nail polish nail art lasts longer and prevents chipping," said Ni'kita Wilson, CEO and co-owner and co-owner of Catalyst Cosmetics Development Company of New Jersey, USA. After hardening, the long chain molecules in the nail polish will form a durable and flexible coating to achieve a certain strength. The nail polish is exposed to ultraviolet light to cure it.

Cons of Nail Polish Manicure

The disadvantage of nail polish nail art is the critical UV curing step. A recent study found that cumulative damage caused by the frequency of light emitted by nail polish gel nail UV lamps can cause skin DNA damage, premature aging, and may even cause cancer.

"Honestly, there is no simple answer about the danger of UV in nail polish nail manicure UV lamps," said Dr. Chris Adigun, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Medical School. "But I'm not too worried about the UV exposure from these lamps," she said. "Because nail sol Nail UV lamps cause a very low risk of malignancy."

Even so, Dr. Adigun recommends applying sunscreen on your hands or wearing fingerless sun gloves.

She said another disadvantage is the damage to the nails. "-A study found that after applying nail polish nail art, the nail plate will become noticeably thinner." The reason is not clear, but it may be caused by nail polish remover.

Doing the nail polish nail art yourself has the same problem. "Household UV lamps are not as powerful as salon UV lamps," Wilson said, so they may have to be exposed to longer UV lamps.

No matter where you apply nail polish nail art, give your nails a week or two to recover. Dr. Adigun said that between the polishes, the lotion was used to moisturize and hydrate the nails.

Gel Polish

Remove nail polish

Julie Kandalec, the creative director of Paintbox Nail Studio in New York, explained the key points of painless nail polish removal.

Moisturizes nails. After applying 3D cat eye nail gel polish, apply cuticle protective oil every day. This oil helps to maintain the flexibility of the nails and prevents nails from falling off when the nail polish is removed.

Sanding first. Use a fine nail polish to roughen the upper part of the nail polish, so that the nail polish remover can fully penetrate.

Use aluminum foil. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and place the cotton ball on your nails. Wrapping aluminum foil around your fingers can slow down the evaporation rate of the remover and help accelerate the removal of nail polish.

Wait patiently. Wait 10-15 minutes, then use a manicure nail stick to remove nail polish. Remove nail polish without using metal tools, as metal tools can damage the nail bed.

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