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How to distinguish good gel polish?

1,276 2019-12-06

There are so many brands of gel polish on the market, with mixed fish and dragons, it is easy to buy inferior products. Today the gel polish china factory will teach you how to distinguish the quality of gel polish.

First, color

To judge the color of gel polish, you can't just look at the official color card. You can choose the color of gel polish that is prone to produce color difference, and apply it on clean gels for observation. The better the quality!

Second, color

Different brands of gel polish have different difficulty in coloring. Applying two layers of glue will make the glue more solid, the color expression will be stronger, the gum will be thicker, more suitable for novices, and each brand is There are solid color, translucent color and sequin color. From the thick to the thin, the sequin color UV gel polish is easier to color!

Third, the texture

The raw materials of gel polish are prepared by the base and the color paste. If you make perfect nails and find that they are not in good harmony or even delaminated, the quality of such gel polish is definitely not good. Brand bottom glue color sealant, some gel polishes will be repelled when mixed with other brands.

Gel Polish

Fourth, good gel polish plastic viscosity should be moderate, rather than edgy brush neat, good color and easy spreadability, smoothness after the lamp according to the nail surface, floating slightly plastic, but does not stick to the hand and touch Color, and there will be no shrinkage and wrinkles afterwards. If the coating is thick, it cannot be compared. If the dark-colored gel polish is thickened, how to extend the lighting time, the best gel polish will wrinkle, so pay attention to the amount of color.

Fifth, what should I do if I want more transparent color? Not every time you can apply thick spots, you can still apply a small amount of gel polish. For example, if you want a solid color such as transparent powder and fluorescent yellow, you can use a creamy gel polish to apply pink gel polish, so the color is more solid.

Finally, remind buyers: It is worth noting that the condition of water and oil separation between ordinary gel polish and Japanese-style filling gel polish cannot be compared, so do not confuse with filling Japanese-style gel polish! Japanese-style canned glue is too thick to cause water and oil separation to be normal, but the delamination of gel polish glue is about to expire.

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