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The Way To Remove The Nail Polish

333 2021-05-27

The Way To Remove The Nail Polish
Gel polish is is popular. Nail paintings made with nail polish are really beautiful, but removing the nail polish is also a problem. If it is not taken out cleanly, it will affect the health of the human body. Therefore, we must pay attention to the method of removing nail polish! Glue is not difficult, you can go to the nail salon, they are more professional, convenient and fast.
1. Take a small bowl
2. Take a little cotton and put it in a small bowl
3. Pour a small amount of unloading liquid
4. Soak five fingers in cotton
5. Removal effect after soaking for 15-20 minutes
6. Push colored glue with eucalyptus stick
7. Use a eucalyptus stick to remove the clean color glue
8. Clean the nail surface with detergent
9. Apply finger oil
10. Gently massage your fingers
To sum up, use the purlin to press the surface, pour the nail polish into a clean container, and soak the nail for ten minutes. After soaking, the nail polish on the nails will become soft. We use dead skin to push off the nail polish, and slowly it won't hurt the fingers. After scraping the nail polish, if there is any residue, use a purlin to grind it. Finally, wash your hands and apply nutrient oil to protect the skin near the nails.
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