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The Difference Between Nail Polish Glue And Cat Eye Glue

740 2021-06-02

The Difference Between Nail Polish Glue And Cat Eye Glue
Cat's eye glue is an upgraded product of nail polish glue, mainly made of natural resin. Cat's eye glue is made of magnetic powder, which can be reflected by light to form a light band effect.
Gel polish is mainly composed of natural resin, which is non-toxic and tasteless, will not harm the body, and is very healthy and environmentally friendly. There are many types of nail polish on the market, including luminous nail polish, glare nail polish, fluorescent nail polish, serpentine nail polish, metal nail polish, sugar nail polish, and so on.
Cat eye gel polish adds magnetic powder on the basis of natural resin. After coating, you can use magnetic powder to make the shape with your mood. Magnetic powder is translucent and will show lines after being refracted by light, which will produce a very beautiful and eye-catching effect.
In addition to the difference in material, the way of using cat-eye glue and nail polish glue is also different. The nail polish has a very light and firm quality. It can be applied with ten fingers and dries faster than nail polish. The cat's eye glue must be applied one by one to allow the other to cure, and then continue to apply another finger.
After the cat's eye glue is applied, the magnet powder needs to be shaped by the suction force of the magnet and then dried with a light therapy machine. After it is completely dry, you can continue to apply a nail. If you don't dry the cat's eye gel and apply new nails, the magnet will affect all the powder, and the previous look will be a mess.
If all the previous nails are dried, the previous magnet powder will be solidified, and the use of the magnet will not affect the previous magnet powder so that new nails can be made safely.

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