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Nail Knowledge: Why Does the Base Coat Gel Shrink?

2,056 2022-08-02

Today the Base Coat Gel China factory collected some problems and solutions on the base rubber shrinkage, and analyze them with you.

If you have ever experienced Gelish Gel Polish shrinking or pulling back prior to and/or after curing, it could be due to several factors. We’ve put together some troubleshooting tips which will help you achieve the perfect Gelish manicure:
ㆍThe most common reason for this is because there is too much natural light in the environment where you are applying your Gelish. Even if there is no direct sunlight, shrinkage can occur from indirect sunlight. You may notice that even the Foundation application shrinks away from nail edges very quickly and may even be obvious after applying on only one hand prior to curing. Do not apply Gelish in a room with direct sunlight and for even better results, pull down blinds/curtains so natural lighting is minimal. Working under an overhead or table light is fine.
ㆍWhen applying Gelish, always cap the free edge with very fine brushstrokes. This should be done with PH Bond, Foundation, Gelish Colour, and Top It Off. This helps “seal” the product on the natural nail.
ㆍIt’s recommended using a dry brush and stroke over the Foundation after curing. This creates microscopic grooves on the Foundation which enables better adhesion of Gelish.
ㆍIt’s very tempting and common to apply Gelish too thickly. It takes practice to get the hang of perfect application. The first coat of Gelish color will often appear streaky and translucent. This is normal. Solid coverage should appear after the second coat. Some shades may even need three coats to achieve desired coverage. Better this than two thick coats, as applying thick coats can result in “crinkling” and “shrinkage”.
ㆍPH Bond – must be used to dehydrate and PH balance the natural nail. It should be used prior to application of Foundation as it prevents shrinking and facilitates better adhesion of a Gelish manicure.


Nail shrink:



Refers to the nail polish will show a certain degree of contraction after the lamp. Some shrinkage is shrunk toward the center of the nail, so the glue on the edge of the nail will move back a little after passing the lamp; some shrinkage is in a different direction, so a small pit on the surface of the nail polish after the lamp is lit These are the reasons for the shrinkage of nail polish.


Why shrink?

♦ Operational issues:

1. Not polished in place

As a result, the nail surface is too smooth and the adhesion is reduced. When polishing, pay particular attention to the back edge of the nail, these delicate places on both sides of the nail groove, the front edge of the nail is also very important, if it is not polished in place, it is easy to fall, it must be polished in place to make the surface rough;

2. Apply too much and too thick gel polish raw material

Remember to brush down the brush. When applying nail polish, remember to apply it thinly and apply it twice.

3. Grease stained

The adhesion of external grease to the nail surface is easy to cause shrinkage. For example, when customers are doing nail art, their fingers accidentally touch the newly polished nail surface.

4. Cleaning is not in place

The surface of the nail is not cleaned carefully enough, the grease film on the surface is not thoroughly cleaned, or the nail is not protected after the cleaning, and the nail surface is constantly touched;


Product problem:

If you operate correctly, and many of the same industry reflect this product shrinkage, it is most likely that there is a problem with the product itself.

The main components of nail polish are light-curing resin, reactive diluent and other nail polish materials. Among them, the active thinner is an indispensable component in the curing process of nail polish, but it has the characteristics of shrinkage!

The content of active diluent added by different brands of nail polish is different, but its content is proportional to the shrinkage rate! The more reactive diluent, the more obvious shrinkage.

Therefore, shrinkage is a normal phenomenon. All nail polish has the characteristics of shrinkage, but it is very slight and difficult to see with the naked eye.

Nail problems:

There is also a situation where the operation of the manicurist is not a problem, and the product is also a well-known big brand, but still encounters shrinkage, then you may encounter oily nails!

Some people's natural oil secretion is relatively strong, so the oil on the nail surface is difficult to clean up. The presence of grease is difficult to attach to the nail surface, so be sure to clean the nail surface, and do not touch the cleaned nail surface with your hands!

Today's little knowledge is shared here, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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