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1 Step or 3 Action Gel-it’s your choice.

850 2020-07-23

When we initially introduced our 1-step gel nail polish, it was a revolutionary change in exactly how the polish is applied as well as worn. Instead of spending up to 40 mins using gel nail gloss in several phases, our 1-step gel could be applied as well as cured under a lamp in simply a few secs. The results were durable as well as looked terrific, but the application procedure saved significant amounts of time and also initiative. The comments we got about our revolutionary 1-step process led us to believe we had a victor on our hands, but recently we have actually been establishing brand-new ways to improve our gel nail gloss.

One method to additional boost the resilience of your manicure is to use our practical 1-step gel nail polish as part of a 3-step process rather. This isn't the same as the old procedure experts bill for applying gel polish, however, it does possibly prolong the life of your manicure by as much as 3 weeks. It is up to you whether you use our gel nail polish in one step for the benefit, or you opt for the long procedure to get great lasting results, but both jobs to provide your nails with an incredible finish that lasts longer than liquid polish can.

Fast-Setting One Step Gel

It couldn't be easier to use our 1-step gel nail gloss and allow it set into a stunning shiny manicure. Instead of paying an expert manicurist to use a skim coat to your nails, layer on the gloss as well as the leading coat and then wait on near to an hour for every little thing to establish, our 1-step gel gloss takes place in seconds. To use the gel in one action, simply brush it onto your nails as you normally would, after that hold your fingernails under a UV or LED lamp for just a min or more. The solitary layer of gloss collections and also hardens to a beautiful shiny sparkle while you wait, and then you're ready to go.

Maintain a Manicure Longer with Three Step Gel

While our advanced 1-step gel nail gloss procedure is a massive time saver and also represents a huge renovation in the time you invest getting your nails spruced up, it isn't the only method to utilize the 1-step gel. Despite just how progressed the formula for our gel nail gloss obtains, you can always condition the nail surface with a couple of extra actions. While a common one-step manicure can quickly provide you approximately a week of colourful, unblemished nails, splitting the process right into three actions enables you to include additional layers and drastically expand the life of the manicure.

The 3-step gel polish process isn't much more complex than the 1-step process we created for gel gloss years earlier. First, use the base coat to your nails. Second, put on the global bonder. Finally, use the no-wipe top layer to seal and also secure the reduced layers. These layers take place as efficiently as the underlying gel nail gloss, as well as you can heal them with each other under the exact same light in under 2 mins. When the process is full, you ought to have a glossy colour that withstands damaging as well as stays fresh-looking for up to 3 weeks.

1-Step Versus 3-Step ... Which Gel Polish is Best?

Both the 1-step as well as 3-step gel nail polish processes have their benefits as well as their drawbacks, as well as it depends on you to choose which way is the best for getting the results you love. Choosing the single-step gel polish, you can apply the single layer as well as heal it in seconds. The results look wonderful and also ought to last for a minimum of a week prior to it's time to reapply the gel. You also don't need to handle sticky leading coats or various other concerns a professional manicure takes upward of 40 minutes to handle for you.

If you opt for the 3-step gel nail gloss process, it does take a little bit more time to put on your colours and also repair them in place, but the results can be equally sensational. Our triple-layered gel polish hardens right into a tough, durable gloss layer that stays looking excellent for as much as 3 weeks. Eliminating the gloss, skim coat and bonder does not take any type of longer than getting rid of the 1-step gel gloss does, as well as reapplying the gloss can be done in your home. While the 3-step gloss process does take added time, it's only around a min or more than the 1-step process, as well as it's almost an hour less than the moment a similar manicure takes in a professional hair salon.

No matter what sort of manicure you go with, the 1-step or the 3-step process, our gel nail gloss is a wonderful choice for obtaining spectacular outcomes without any gel cleanser or sticky residue. Our gloss operates in a solitary step for fast and also very easy application of magnificent colours, or you can divide it up right into an extra engaged 3-step process for resilient, top-notch results. Both processes can be performed in the comfort of your very own residence, instead of in a nail beauty salon, as well as neither procedure requires you to pay professional rates for hard, high-gloss nails. Both our 1-step and also 3-step gel nail gloss systems can be put on and also removed in much less time than a professional manicure, which is perfect for trying new colours or using quick repair when you're busy with other things.

If you utilize our 1-step gel nail polish to provide on your own magnificent and vibrant nails, yet you 'd like to attempt using the same products in a 3-step procedure for longer long lasting results, we offer a totally free tutorial that can assist you.


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