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What Are Gel Nail Polish Problems You Meet?

931 2022-10-10


There are always some minor problems after gel nail polish is applied to nails. How to avoid these common problems? Today, I would like to share some tips about gel nail polish with you.



♦ Why would it be lifted?

1. Due to the incomplete cleaning of the real nails, the grease film of the nail surface is not cleaned, the dead skin is not completely trimmed, or the nail surface is continuously rubbed after the nail polish is applied.

2. Use a dry adhesive for crystal nails. Some manicurists used the dry adhesive used to make the diamond gel for a longer time on the nail surface. The result was counterproductive and the nail polish peeled off faster.

3. Different brands of nail polish mixed-use, when making nail polish, We suggested using the same brand from the base coat gel to the seal, to avoid the adverse effects caused by the mixed-use of different brands, such as lifting.

4. The nails themselves are thin and soft. The metabolism of the nail produces a new layer of oil, which can also cause the nail to fall off.


♦ Why is there stratification?

1. No use of a removable sealable layer.

2. No sealant of the same brand product is used.

3. The front edge of the nail is not in place, leaving a small gap leading to air ingress;

4. The color layer is too thick and the sealing layer is too thick.

5. After the color glue is illuminated, scrub with a cleaning solution, and then seal the layer. The color glue does not need to be scrubbed after illumination, and the direct coating layer will avoid delamination.


♦ Why do nail art wrinkle?

1. Creasing is usually caused by applying too-thick nail polish. You should apply nail polish lightly and thinly to avoid wrinkles and to make the color more even.

2. Also pay attention to the normal operation of the light therapy machine, the light therapy machine abnormalities will also lead to nail polish not dry or uneven light, will also appear wrinkles.

3. Pay attention to the process of lighting do not take your hand out, not enough time to light the light will also cause wrinkles.



♦ Why does the color come off?

1. The lighting time of the sealing layer is too long, and the lighting time of the sealing layer is not more than 2 minutes. If the lighting time is too long, yellowing will occur.

2. The coating layer is too thick, and the sealing layer is applied once. If it is coated twice or more, the color will be color cast.


♦ Why is there a shrinkage phenomenon?

1. High secretion of nail oil.

2. The base gel is not dry.

3. The nail polish is applied too thick.

4. After applying nail polish did not immediately go to the light.


RONIKI offers various gel nail polish with different colors and styles. All of our products are approved by MSDS and CE standards. And OEM and ODM services are both welcome. Please contact us if you are interested in them.

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