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The Essential Knowledge of Winter Hand Care

790 2020-10-28

Beautiful and smooth hands benefit from careful care. It is important to choose suitable hand care products, but the correct care method is even more indispensable. So how do you do hand care in winter? One Step Gel China factory will introduce you some knowledge about hand care.

One. Pay attention to the method of washing hands

Hand care is to make the skin smooth and delicate, prevent abnormalities in the hands, and increase the beauty of the hands. The premise of all this is to keep the hands clean. There are many things that the hands touch, no matter from the perspective of hygiene or the health of the hands themselves, the dirt and dust on the hands should be removed in time.

Do not let your hands soak in water for a long time, and the water temperature should not be too cold or too hot. Wash hands with warm water or hot and cold water alternately. Overheated water makes the skin of the hands dry and thick, and too cold water can not completely wash away the dirt on the hands. The best water for washing hands is soft water, because hard water contains more inorganic salt ions, which affects the effect of detergent and is harmful to the skin.

Try to avoid frequent hand washing.

Use hand sanitizer when washing your hands, never use detergents, soaps and other alkaline detergents.

After washing your hands, be sure to wipe your hands with a clean, soft towel, and then apply hand cream (apply immediately, don't wait until your hands are dry. Wipe it when the skin is not dry enough to lock in moisture in time).

Two. Use hand cream correctly

The main function of frequent hand cream is to replenish the oil needed by the hand skin in time, moisturize and relieve the symptoms of dryness and chappedness. It is a good product to prevent dry, cracked and peeling hands, especially those containing vitamin A, B, E and other ingredients. Hand cream is a good thing for hand care.

Wash your hands once and apply hand cream once, which cannot be omitted. The bedside, kitchen, bathroom, office, carry bag, etc. should be prepared with a hand cream.

Be sure to apply hand cream every day before going out and before going to bed (not replace with facial skin cream).

It is best to apply hand cream before doing housework.

Three. Do hand care at least once a week. Hand scrub + hand mask + hand cream

1. Start with exfoliation. Just soak your hands in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then choose a scrub to massage your hands in a circle. Remember to focus on the areas with darker skin and rough joints, and then wash with water net. In addition, I would like to tell you a simple and cost-effective method that is to use table salt, which is the ordinary salt used for cooking at home. Take an appropriate amount and place it on your palm, add a little water, apply your hands, gently massage, and don’t let the skin on the sides of your nails. Oh, but the strength should be light. If it is too heavy, rub your hands. After about a few minutes, rinse off and immediately apply the usual hand cream, and you will see your hands glowing. Do it twice a week, not too much, and give the skin a respite.

2. Then perform hand massage. The effect of hand massage is magical, and the skin tone and skin texture can be improved. Massage can promote blood circulation. Pressing acupuncture points also has a relaxing effect, and it can also make the skin of the hands smooth. First take an appropriate amount of massage oil, rub it in your palms and apply it. Gently bend the knuckles of the fingers, and gradually massage from the root to the tip of the finger with the other hand, completing the ten fingers one by one. Gently bend the knuckles of the fingers, hold the fingers with the other hand and gradually massage from the root to the fingertips, completing the ten fingers one by one. Then use your thumb to firmly press the connecting part of the finger and the palm, starting from the tiger’s mouth, pressing between each finger. Then bend the index finger to stimulate the palm acupuncture points. It is correct to feel sore, and then switch to the other hand. Finally, the fingers of the two hands are interlaced, and the fingers are stretched to the left and right to massage the knuckles.

3. Then apply the hand mask, which can be a purchased product or a self-made natural hand mask. The hand mask is generally applied for about 20 minutes and then it can be washed with water and hand cream is applied.

Four. Maintenance is required after housework

Women inevitably do some housework such as washing, washing dishes, and mopping the floor. If they are exposed to detergents such as dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent, they must wear gloves to protect their hands and avoid contact with irritating substances and water.

Before doing housework, apply hand cream to your hands and then wear double gloves. The first layer is cotton gloves and the second layer is rubber gloves. When doing housework for a long time, you should take off your gloves every half an hour to let your hands breathe. When picking vegetables or opening bottles and cans, try to use tools to avoid damage to the skin of your hands; avoid direct contact with alcohol or other disinfectants on your hands. Buy some special gloves for your jade hands (for sun protection, driving, sleeping, and housework); trim your nails frequently; do not or less artificial nails.

When doing housework, after doing housework or washing your hands, develop a good habit of applying hand cream, plus a moderate massage. Seven, you can sleep with gloves in winter

In the cold winter, the skin of the hands is most afraid of dryness and roughness. Therefore, keeping the hands warm is very important. At the same time, before going to bed at night, wash your hands with warm water and apply some hand cream or care oil to form a protective film invisible to the naked eye on the skin of your hands to prevent dryness, because dryness is the skin Arch enemy. You can wear cotton gloves again to keep you warm. When you wake up, your hands will become as delicate and soft as a baby's skin.

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