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The difference between pigments and dyes

271 2019-08-14

The difference between pigments and dyes shared by High gloss Gel Polish supplier.

Pigment is a kind of fine powder of colored material, does not dissolve in water or solvent such as medium, and can be evenly dispersed in paint binders, apply base material surface layer of color, presents a certain color. Pigments shall have appropriate hiding power, coloring power, high dispersion, bright color and stability to light. Dye is a kind of fine powdery material, but it can dissolve in the base material of paint to get transparent and gorgeous color, but it has no masking effect on the base material, and its light resistance is not as good as that of pigment. Colored coatings mainly use pigments as colorants, and dyes used as transparent varnish colorants.

The pigments used in coatings are divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments. Inorganic pigments cheap, there is a better light resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, most inorganic pigments have good mechanical strength and hiding power, but the color light is mostly mute, not beautiful, less variety, chromatographic is not complete, many inorganic pigments toxic, some chemical stability is poor. The organic pigment chromatogram is broad, complete, has the bright, the bright color tone, the coloring power is quite strong, the dispersibility is good, the chemical stability is quite good, has the certain transparency, but the production is quite complex, the price is quite expensive. Because organic pigments have better comprehensive properties than inorganic pigments, organic pigments are gradually replacing inorganic pigments. Now white and black pigments are basically selected from inorganic pigments, while color pigments are mainly organic pigments.

Gel polish supplier

Gel polish supplier

Pigment is one of the indispensable raw materials in the process of coating manufacture. Pigments have the following functions in coatings: 1. 2. Cover the substrate; 3, improve the coating performance, such as improve the strength, adhesion, increase luster, enhance light resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance, etc.; 4, improve the coating strength performance. Part of the pigment can also have rust, high temperature resistance, anti - pollution and other special functions.

Solid powder pigment, added to the coating base material viscous liquid system, must be dispersed, grinding and stable processing process, the results will affect the application performance of the coating. Especially for uv-curing coatings, because of the absorption, reflection and scattering effects of pigments on ultraviolet light, the intensity of ultraviolet light will change after it hits the coating, which will affect the initiation efficiency of photoinitiator and thus affect the curing rate of coatings.

The color and hiding power of a pigment are usually expressed by coloring power and hiding power.

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