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Gel Polish Developed In Ancient Countries

1,321 2019-04-12

Gel Polish Developed In Ancient Countries

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An ancient name for China

Black and red fingernails were used as a symbol of royalty in a manuscript from the Ming dynasty in the 15th century.

Ancient India

Hand-painted flowers, known as Mehndi, have a long history in India, with intricate designs. They are common at weddings and have been used to stain nails in a reddish brown.

The ancient Egyptian

In ancient Egypt, nail color was a status symbol. Red is the symbol of the highest class of the royal family, while the common people are restricted to light colors. Henna, ochre and blood were used by nail dyers to make the color last longer.

In ancient Rome

Roman women used rouge to put a healthy pink on their nails and cheeks.

The zhou dynasty

Fake nails were born during the zhou dynasty in China. It is usually made of precious metals such as gold or silver, and is also studded with precious stones, some of which include intricate cloisonne details.


In pre-columbian Peru, the incas would paint eagles on their fingernails in some ceremonies.

Gel Polish Manufacturer

Gel Polish

The Ming dynasty

The royal ladies painted their nails red or black with a paint made of gum Arabic, impatiens, alum, egg whites, gelatin and beeswax.

A fashionable woman of the late Victorian period in 1900, she used tints and varnishes to create a soft nail color.

Inspired by car paint in 1920, revlon's Michael enard invented the first nail polish in the modern sense. Over the decades, nail polish has been reformulated countless times, taking into account the harmful ingredients in nail polish.

In 1980, Tinkerbell invented the first bo-po nail polish, and it became the most desired cosmetic product for girls of that era. There are tear-pull nail polishes, but the product that has been most successful is the Minx brand, with a dizzying array of colors and patterns.

Today In the Mood nail polish ($8), which changes colors depending on your body temperature and surroundings, has taken the special effects of nail polish to a whole new level.

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