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Why does the base coat gel shrink?

745 2021-05-08

Why does the base coat gel shrink?

Today, the base coat gel China factory collected some problems and solutions of base rubber shrinkage and analyzed them with you.

Nails shrink

It will show a certain degree of contraction after the nail polish lamp. Some shrinkage shrink toward the center of the nail, so the glue on the edge of the nail will move back a bit after passing the lamp; some shrinkage is in different directions, so there is a small pit on the surface of the nail polish after lighting. These are the reasons for the shrinkage of nail polish.

Why shrink?

Operational issues

  1. Not polished in place

The nail surface is too smooth and the adhesion is reduced. When polishing, pay special attention to the edges of the nails. These delicate places are on both sides of the nail groove. The nails on the front are also very important. If they are not polished, they are easy to fall. They must be polished in place to make the surface rough.

  1. Too much and too thick gel polish raw material

Remember to brush the brush clean. When applying nail polish, remember to apply it thinly and then apply it twice.

  1. Grease dyeing

External grease attached to the nail surface can easily cause shrinkage. For example, when customers are doing nail art, their fingers accidentally touch the surface of their nails that have just been polished.

  1. Cleaning is not in place

The nail surface is not cleaned carefully enough, the grease film on the surface is not thoroughly cleaned, or the nail is not protected after cleaning, and the nail surface is often touched.

Product problem

If you do it correctly, and many products in the same industry reflect this shrinkage, it is likely that there is a problem with the product itself.

The main components of nail polish are nail polish materials such as light-curable resin and reactive diluent. Among them, the active thinner is an indispensable ingredient in the nail polish curing process, but it has the characteristic of shrinking!

The content of active diluent added to different brands of nail polish is different, but its content is proportional to the shrinkage rate! The stronger the active diluent, the more obvious the shrinkage.

Therefore, shrinkage is a normal phenomenon. All nail polishes have shrinkage characteristics, but they are very slight and difficult to see with the naked eye.

Nail problems

Another situation is that the operation of the manicurist is not a problem, and the product is also a well-known big brand, but still encounters shrinkage, then you may encounter oily nails!

Some people have strong natural oil secretion, so it is difficult to clean the oil on the nail surface. The presence of grease is difficult to adhere to the surface of the nail, so be sure to clean the surface of the nail, and do not touch the cleaned nail surface with your hands!

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