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What Should I Do If the Nail Polish Cannot Be Removed?

719 2020-08-14

Nail polish glue is much stronger than nail polish, so sometimes novice girls may not be able to remove them. In fact, for most girls who love nail art, nail art is done frequently, and they need to be removed frequently. Purple Nail Gel Polish Wholesaler will show you what to do if the nail polish cannot be removed?

What to do if the nail polish cannot be removed

1. The surface uses a non-removable non-washing sealant, which causes the nail polish remover to not penetrate the nail polish glue.

2. The nails wrapped in tin foil are not tight enough, which makes the nail polish remover easy to volatilize, does not play a good sealing role, and cannot be removed cleanly. The correct way: the tin foil should be cut as large as possible to completely wrap the nails and ensure that there are no loopholes.

3. The wrapping time is too short and the nail polish remover does not penetrate the nail polish completely. The correct way: make sure that the package time is not less than 5 minutes.

The correct removal method of eco-friendly Gel Polish

1) Polishing: If it is a non-removable seal, you must first use a sponge sand strip to polish the nail surface. If it is a removable seal, it can be polished or not. At present, most of the seals are removable. Non-removable and non-removable are two different categories. The non-removable seal layer is also divided into removable and non-removable.

2) Pack nail polish remover: pour the nail remover on the cotton sheet, and cover the cotton sheet completely on the surface of the nail. A little more nail remover will make it easier to remove. Take an appropriate amount of tin foil and wrap the cotton sheet on the nails. Pay attention to the seal and avoid air leakage. Cut the tin foil as large as possible to make it easier to pack tightly. Or you can pour the nail remover directly into a special container and put your fingers in it, but this will cause more damage. It is recommended to wrap it in tin foil.

3) Disassemble and remove after waiting: Wait about 5-20 minutes. Different nail polishes require different time. Soaking good nail polish for 5-10 minutes is enough. During the period, the nail surface will have a slight burning sensation. Normal, then peel off the tin foil and remove the cotton sheet. At this time, you will find that the nail polish has been tilted up. Use a steel push to gently push the nail polish away. Be careful to gently, otherwise it will damage the nail surface. If there is a little residue on the nail surface, it is normal, and it will be cleaned with a sponge sand strip.

4) Polishing: Polish the nails with sponge sand strips and polishing strips. The polishing process starts with the thickest side, using the medium side, fine side, and thinnest side in order. Each side is polished on the nail surface to make it rough. The nail surface shows a crystal luster. The nails become thinner during the polishing process, so you should polish them as little as possible.

5) Apply nutrient oil: Finally, apply a layer of nutrient oil on the nail surface and the edge of the nail, then massage it for a while, then wipe it off with a paper towel, and the nail removal process is complete.

Eco-Friendly Gel Polish

How to maintain the nail polish

⒈If you don't pick hard things, no matter how good the glue is, you can't stand the toss. Do not bathe in hot water for six hours.

⒉When taking a bath, the glue may become soft, so don't pick it at this time. When the temperature drops, the glue will harden naturally.

⒊Try to wear gloves when doing housework to protect your nails.

⒋There are diamond ornaments on your hands, remember not to touch them often.

Precautions for nail polish

1. Smooth the nail surface. If you don’t polish it off, your nails will be uneven, and UV Pink Cat Eye Gel is easy to fall off. So you need to use a sponge file to polish the nail surface to make the nail surface and the primer more solid.

2. Be sure to apply PH balance liquid twice before applying primer. The PH balance liquid makes the nails drier by removing the excess oil on the nail surface so that the nail polish can be in contact with the nail surface more closely, and it is not easy to fall off. In addition, apply nail polish with nail polish remover (not oily) The nails have the same effect, but the best effect is the PH balancer.

3. The primer must be very small. Too much easy shrink glue, once shrink glue, the nail polish will leave the nail.

4. The color glue must be very thin. The correct way is to apply the pure color twice, and the light color and translucent color three times, so as not to wrinkle.

5. The sealing layer cannot be too much or too little. If the seal coat is too little or too much, it will not shine. It is recommended to apply a thin layer for the first time. At that time, you can use the light to see if the nail surface is translucent. If it does not shine, apply a thin layer.

6. Do not use the wash-free sealant on the surface of the removable glue. The no-clean seal layer is easy to crack and is not suitable for use on the surface of the removable glue, which will cause the nail polish to fall off. It is recommended to use a scrubbing sealer. Now the scrubbing sealer is more mature, it will maintain the brightness for a longer time and the stability is better.

7. The gel cleaning solution for cleaning the sealing layer should be sufficient. There is no need to save the cleaning fluid. Remove the surface oil and clean it, so that the sealant will not dry and crack, and the nails will be brighter and more beautiful~

8. Avoid mixed use of different brands. Different brands of nail polish have different ingredients. If they are used in combination, they may repel each other and cause peeling. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid mixing nail polishes or primer seals of different brands.

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