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How to Tell Whether Nail Oil Glue Is Easy To Use?

701 2020-05-08

At present the nail oil glue brand on the market is mixed, if you do not know the difference, it is very easy to buy inferior products. Today, a purple gel polish wholesaler is coming to teach you to identify the quality of nail oil glue!

A lot of girls are appearance associations, see the beautiful packaging, see the brand name on the tall, feel heart trust can not help but want to buy. But when choosing nail polish gum, you can't just look at the surface!

 Colorful Gel Polish

Methods 1

Observe the color, texture, consistency of Colorful Gel Polish

1) color: to judge the color of nail polish glue, you can't just look at the color card provided by the official. You can choose the color of nail polish glue that is prone to chromatic aberration and apply it to a clean palette for observation. The smaller the color difference, the better the quality of the nail oil glue!

2) coloring: different brands of nail polish glue have different coloring difficulty and ease. Brush on two layers of color is more solid glue, the color expression will be stronger, the gum is thicker, more suitable for beginners. And each brand has a solid color, transparent color, and sequin color, thin consistency from thick to thin, sequin color nail oil glue is easier to color! What if you want a solid color? Not every time besmear thick point can get one's wish! Nail oil glue or a small number of recommended coating, such as transparent powder, fluorescent yellow so want a solid color, can be applied after the cream of nail oil glue base, so the color is more solid color oh!

3) texture: the raw material of gel polish is prepared from base glue and color paste.If you find after finishing a manicure that you can't blend well or even layer, the quality of the nail polish glue must be bad!

(it should be noted that regular nail polish glue is not the same as Japanese canned nail polish glue when it comes to separation, so don't confuse it with canned Japanese canned nail polish glue! The viscosity of Japanese canned nail glue is too high, so the separation of water and oil is normal, but the lamination of nail glue means that it is about to expire.

Method 2

Apply it to your hands to actually feel it

1) no matter how delicate the bottle is or how beautiful the color is, try it on yourself when choosing nail polish gel. Only by applying it to your own nails can you actually feel it.

2) good nail glue should be moderate viscosity, brush and tidy and not short-tempered, good color and easy to apply evenly, light after the nail surface is smooth, slightly floating glue, but with the hand to touch will not stick on the color, and later also won't appear the phenomenon such as shrinkage and wrinkling (thicker the 1/8-inch-thick cannot compare, once the thicker gel nail 1/8-inch-thick, again how to extend the time of light, it is a good polish glue will wrinkle!)


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