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Take Care Of Your Nails

789 2021-04-07

Take Care Of Your Nails

Gel polish manicure uses saturated gel, which looks and acts like nail polish, but technically it is a gel. You need to make a base coat, 2-3 coats of color, and then finish a topcoat. Each layer of polish must be cured under UV or LED light. "Cured" mainly refers to dryness. After light treatment, the flashy layer (or suppression layer) on the surface must be wiped off with rubbing alcohol. This is a bit scientific, but the main point is that gel gloss manicure can provide you with smooth, chip-free wear for 2 weeks. And, when the top coat finally cures, it is already completely dry! You do need to wipe off the restraint layer, but after that, your gel manicure is completely dry without damage or spots.

The dermatologist recommends:

Don't choose colorful gel polish. When the nail polish starts to fall off, don't move it or use other nails or tools to remove it. Instead, you should make an appointment with your manicurist to wash off the nail polish.

Dip your fingertips in acetone. When removing nail polish, you only need to dip your fingertips in acetone, not the entire hand or fingers, to protect the surrounding skin. Another option is to use a cotton ball to remove nail polish. Soak a cotton ball in acetone, wrap your fingertips with aluminum foil, and apply it to your nails. This will ensure that only your nails come into contact with the acetone. After 15 minutes, the nail polish will fall off.

For each manicure, apply a base coat and a topcoat. The base coat can help the nail polish follow the nails better, and the topcoat can protect your eyeshadow and also prevent shedding.

Protect your nails from temperature for at least 12 hours after the manicure. Do not use hot water in a hot bath or wash your hands. Avoid saunas and postpone the hot yoga practice class for one day.

When using rubber gloves, cleaning your food, cleaning your home, or doing any other work may make your nails flat or broken. Exposing your nail polish to cleaners, especially abrasives, will take away its luster.

Avoid lotions, cold creams, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers, because alcohol will bring shine. Don't use exfoliating face and body scrubs. Instead, apply jojoba oil or vitamin E oil on nails and hair follicles every day.

Repair the nicks and chips, and once they occur, fill them with a clear top layer. Choose a quick-drying, high-gloss nail polish and apply a layer every few days to make your nails look fresh.

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