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How To Remove Nails To Reduce Direct Damage?

908 2020-01-04

We can't deny that the endless stream of nail styles has always pushed the nail industry to the forefront of the trend, and its unique decorative effect is not a substitute for simple accessories. Manicure has become a daily choice for more people, but we can't ignore the potential damage of nail gel and nail polish to nails and the body, so professional and timely nail removal outside the beauty is more important for nail maintenance.

Many mm are accustomed to waiting for the nail to fall off, or to pull it out by yourself. As a result, you will find that the nail will be damaged, become thin, and it will be damaged if it grows several times. Therefore, professional nails also need professional nail removal, so as to ensure safety.

Because of the variety of nail styles, nail removal is not to say that it is so simple to polish nails. Different nail styles may require different nail removal tools. uv gel polish china wholesaler Share with you:

1. Choose the right tool

You should choose according to the condition of your nails. Do n’t use sand directly to polish. The tool we usually use is the discarded dead skin scissors. The dead skin scissors will slip easily on the thicker glue and hurt your hands. . Unloading drill pliers with long shank and sharp tip, you can separate the glue connecting crystal nail art gel and jewelry with just one click.

2. Select the right direction and start cutting from the corner of the jewelry

When cutting a drill, slightly larger drills do not cut all at once, aiming at a weak corner first, not only is it more efficient to operate, but it can also prevent the scissors from slipping.

3. Grasp the strength, don't tear it hard

Unloading pliers and scissors are very similar, they are sharp and they are all sharp tools. Therefore, when using these tools, you must be careful to grasp the strength, and you cannot cut off the jewelry rudely. This quick and quick approach is likely to force too much and hurt your nails and fingers.

Chameleon Gel

4. Step by step

After cutting the chameleon gel, you can try to cut and disintegrate the jewelry with scissors, and then hold the metal jewelry in a small way to separate it from the nail surface by hinge. After lifting a section of metal jewelry, cut it in time, then proceed to the next section and repeat the steps until the removal is complete.

5. Sanding glue connections

Nail removal water is difficult to penetrate the jewelry glue, so after removing the jewelry on the nail surface, you must first remove the adhesive glue. It is a safe and efficient way to throw away the remaining glue on the nail surface with coarse nail sand strips. When the rubber is roughly flush with the nail surface, you can replace it with a finer sanding strip for detailed polishing. At this time, only the base glue color glue and sealing layer are left from the real nails. Hou needs attention, just throw the seal off, and the nail remover can work.

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