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Quick dry nail polish

768 2019-07-06

Quick dry nail polish

Refrigerate nail polish for half an hour

Before applying the nail polish for 20-30 minutes, you can put the Gel Polish China  in the refrigerator freezer first. Compared with the air temperature, the nail polish after refrigeration has a lower heat absorption effect and is easy to evaporate. After brushing the nails, it will be dry in about a few seconds!

2. Apply nail polish to the vents

Although daub nail polish is a trivia, but also pay attention to "geographical location"! You can choose a window, door, or other vents to apply your polish in, but avoid the sun. This will also help dry your polish faster. Plus, most nail polishes have a strong smell.

Gel Polish China

Gel Polish China

3. Brush a small amount of nail polish several times

Fingernail oil is brushed take out from Cat Eye Gel polish when, do not take hand daub directly, want to be in bottle mouth first however "rub" drop a few nail oil, daub on fingernail again, wait for it to dry young besmear 2 times next, drop 3 times -- thin besmear is multilayer. This will not only prevent leakage, but also make your nail polish more colorful. It will also make it easier to dry and save time waiting for the nail polish to set.

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