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Popularity of Nail Art Knowledge

1,101 2020-02-24

Today, I will popularize the common sense of nails with everyone from a professional perspective. Let’s increase the knowledge together ~

Matte gel polish supplier to share with you:

Q: Many girls like nail art, so is nail art harmful to the body?

A: It seems that everyone does not understand the nail art very well. Like to do nail art not only does not cause harm, but also plays a protective role appropriately. In fact, decorative nails include all kinds of ornaments, decals, etc. There are strict operating procedures for such techniques as nail painting, nail painting, and nail polish overprinting. Any pre-painting nail polish needs to be cleaned, nutritious oil and softener to remove dead skin, and then coated with base oil. These procedures will help protect the nails without causing harm to the body.

Gel Polish

Q: What are the current forms of nail art on the market?

A: The development of nail art is still very fast. At present, the nail art forms on the market include nail pen painting, nail sketching, nail spray painting, patch nails, crystal nails, and phototherapy resin nails. Among them, the most popular are phototherapy resin nails, of course. The nail polish that everyone says is a kind of phototherapy resin nail.

Q: What is phototherapy resin nail?

A: It is a replacement product of crystal nails. It is colorless, odorless and contains no chemicals. It uses ultraviolet rays to polymerize natural resin on the surface of real nails, thereby creating tough and shiny nails. It not only does not hurt real nails, but also enhances How hard your nails are.

Q: What is the difference between nail polish and nail polish and phototherapy resin nails?

A: Gel polish is a kind of resin gel. Nail polish is ordinary nail polish, which is different from nail polish. Phototherapy gel is thicker than nail polish. Illumination through phototherapy lamps is different from phototherapy gels that can be used directly for nail extension. Nail gel is not recommended because it is relatively thin. It is only suitable for rubbing the nail surface or using nail patch to make nail extension. Nail polish is a new product on the market in recent years. It is loved by everyone because of its fast-drying, bright color and high saturation.

Q: How long does nail polish last?

A: About 2 months is the natural shedding period of nail polish. Proper protection allows nail polish to stay longer.

Q: Inferior nail polish is very harmful. How to distinguish the quality of nail polish?

A: Smell the taste, really good nail polish will not have a heavy formaldehyde smell, and the taste will not be very pungent.

Look at the shape and take out the nail polish brush to see that a good nail polish is dripping down.

Seeing the reaction, high-quality nail polish is easy to apply, dries quickly, can form a uniform coating film, and has no pores after drying.

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