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The Relevant Technical Presentations of Gel Polish

Published by 2019-11-08

The three step gel supplier introduced the gel filtration chromatography: Gel filtration chromatography is a technology for elution and separation based on the molecular sieve of porous network str...

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How to properly remove the nail polish?

Published by 2019-10-31

Gel polish is popular. The nail art made with nail polish is really beautiful, but removing the nail polish is also a problem. If the removal is not clean, it will affect the health of the human bo...

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Keep the Gel Nails Lasting and Beautiful

Published by 2019-10-23

Everyone must hope that their favorite gel nails can be maintained for a long time, so long as they spend more time at ordinary times, they can do it.Here are some tips for making your gel nails la...

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Common problems and causes of nail polish

Published by 2019-10-16

What is nail polish? Nail polish is a popular nail product in recent years. Compared with other nail polishes, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy and safe, and has the common advant...

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